Water is the source of life, healthy water is a fact of life

  Human existence can not do without air, food and water. Where water is a very important factor, in addition, in order to live a long time, but also inseparable from the health of the word. Water is the source of life, 59% ~ 66% of the human body is composed of water, to maintain the bodys health, at least 20L per person to get safe drinking water every day, water is essential for life and health of people. But with the rapid development of Chinas economy, the increasingly serious water pollution, in 2012, China promulgated the new drinking water standards, which states that all the citys water supply should meet the 106 drinking water safety indicators, the World Health Organizations standards and basic standards match. But compared with some of the more developed countries in Europe and America, in terms of microbiological indicators and toxicological indicators, there is still backward imperfections. Nevertheless, so far, to meet the new standards of the city is still very limited.

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   urban drinking water supply came from the lake, but with the development of industry, the rapid expansion of the citys water pollution is getting worse, with secondary pollution of water transport, resulting in municipal tap water can not be drunk directly. And with respect to the citys drinking water environment, safe drinking water in rural areas should not be ignored. Drinking water in rural areas, mostly underground, but dispersed, infrastructure of water supply projects are incomplete, the majority of rural areas using hand pressure is still shallow wells, water is easily contaminated. The other part of the rural areas, although available on tap, but there is no need for this water supply treatment facilities and disinfection and water quality monitoring facilities, plus matching funds are not in place, not in time for the conversion and the addition of further water quality unsafe planted potential problems.

   today to face serious pollution of our water resources, how to drink healthy water safe and secure has become a problem we need to solve each family. However, there are a lot of families are not conscious of this problem, especially in rural families, living standards limiting their demand for healthy drinking water.

   of the rural poor, most families in the city have begun to realize the importance of healthy drinking water health conscious, they have started to choose to drink bottled water or water purification products selected relative to purify water quality from the terminal .

   bottled water to some extent really solved the problem of drinking water safety and health, but many families in the choice of bottled water, although a lot of efforts in the index bottled water, advertising and other numerous outside in the standard, but the choice of the effect is not satisfactory. In particular, recent notBroke off some of the black heart of manufacturers use toxic glue bottled water, bottled water is safe to bring a lot of hidden dangers.

   In contrast, water purification products are a good choice, the use of purely physical method of filtering the bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, scale volatile matter, iron rust, sand and other types of pollution was effectively removed, greatly improving the safety of drinking water, drinking water is an ideal family solution. However, due to lack of knowledge of water purification products, many families there are many problems in the choice of water purification products.

   First of all, do not know what kind of home water purifier in the end for. Now on the market a variety of publicity about the types of water purifiers and more exaggerateds not mince words in their products with the effectiveness of health care and beauty, said more and more magical, but most consumers still vacantly gooey, do not know how to choose a water purifier. Secondly, I do not know what kind of water purifier is qualified, and everyone said that their products are big brands, there are certification and the like, but the truth is what consumers do not know. The last is to choose water purifier filter service issues as well as businesses, some businesses in order to improve their selling point, free to extend the life of the filter, and even promote their permanent disorderly filter replacement, really so?

   [ 123] in fact, consumers in the choice of water purification products, we must first understand the water quality of your own home. In the purchase of water purifiers, consumers should make the selection according to the area where the citys water quality, water quality such as North and South vary greatly, calcium and magnesium ions in tap water in northern ones, the scale is relatively northern people worry about problems ; strong aggregation effect in some parts of the plant, the sewage problem is serious, problem solving water pollution, household water is most worried about these regional issues. When consumers buy water purifier, first of all to the actual needs of their own quality and water do buy.

   Second, the brand choice, often big brands give consumers more quality assurance. In particular, water purifiers and currently there is no national standard, all types of water purifiers related products are the implementation of enterprise standards. Faced with this chaotic water purifier market conditions, CASE experts suggest that the relationship between the advantages and disadvantages of drinking water purifier safety of his family, in fact, to buy water purification sure to choose a brand of quality assurance, select the real qualification product.

   Finally, water purifier filter replacement and after-sales service, experts suggest that the filter needs to be replaced. General BusinessHouse will give a suggestion to replace the filter of time, the length of the particular cartridge life, consumers need to do to judge water quality from both home and household water consumption. Product warranty terms, but also pay attention to the water industry is now highly competitive, all businesses final competition is the customer care programs and truly allow consumers to feel the warmth of the service. So that consumers really be assured of water purification products have a future.

   In short, the water crisis affecting our lives today, safe drinking water, need attention! Drink clean and safe water in order better to healthy living.

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