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Household water purification does not start high-pressure pump, the water can not be made

   1, check whether the power outage, the plug is plugged in.

   2, to check whether the low pressure switch failure, not power.

   3, the pump checks whether the short-circuit and the transformer, the whole or incorrect line connection.

   4, the controller checks whether the level or high-voltage switch failure, can not be reset.

   5, the computer checks whether there is a fault cartridge (refer microcomputer type).

   Household water purifiers the high pressure pump is working properly, but not fresh water.

   1, pressure loss of the high pressure pump.

   2, water inlet solenoid is faulty not (no waste water) (is reversed).

   3, the pre-filter blockage (no waste water or waste water is small).

   4, the check valve failure (with no waste water).

   5, automatic washing solenoid valve failure, can not be effectively turned off (rinse has been in a state).

   6, the computer can not close the recoil defective cartridge solenoid valve (rinse has been in a state).

   7, RO membrane fouling.



   Household water purifiers high pressure pump stop.

   1, pump pressure is less than the high pressure, high pressure setting of the pressure can not be achieved.

   2, check valve plug, not water.

   3, a high pressure failure, can not jump.

   4, solenoid valve failure, can not be effectively opened.

   a high-pressure pump is stopped home water purifier, waste water but stop

   1, the solenoid valve failure, can not be effectively without water.

   2, computer boxes malfunction, the solenoid valve can not be closed (refer microcomputer type).

   3, inlet valve closed lax, or upside down. Back check valve caused by waste water stop, two cases can not flow away as waste water, water is the former, the latter is pure water. Water quality is not the same, not the same amount of water. Comparative punch former, the latter flow is small, since the check valve caused by waste water stop, the ball valve may be closed storage tank, the waste water flow is stopped, it can be determined.

   4, solenoid valve failure, can not effectively without water (inspection methods: ClosePressure barrel ball valve, such as waste water is still, you can conclude that the electromagnetic valve failure).

   5, there is a case, and then close the inlet valve is opened, if the machine is normal, it is determined that excessive pressure, resulting in the solenoid valve can not be closed flexible, consider adjusting the water pressure to reduce the total explain.

   6, the pressure relief check valve, wastewater is small, inspection methods: closed inlet valve, such as waste water still can be identified as the pressure relief check valve.

   interpretation of the word: a high pressure pump

   The high pressure pump is a high-voltage power device to provide high pressure rotary water slurry, for buildings, roads and other foundation strengthening reinforcement can be used for high-pressure water jet assisted rocks falling coal supply fluid downhole hydraulic prop, metal expansion anchor bolt has RESOURCES high-pressure water pump, dredging large underground drain cleaning.

   by the high pressure pump sub-medium. Can be divided into: a high pressure piston pump, a high pressure reciprocating pump, a high pressure electric pump pressure test, high pressure washing pumps.

   a high-pressure reciprocating pump characteristics:

   of the high-pressure reciprocating pump pressure should generally be between 10MPa ~ 100MPa. It belongs to the displacement pump, by means of the volume in the working chamber periodically changes to achieve the purpose of fluid delivery; prime mover mechanical energy directly into the liquid by the pump pressure-feeding can; depends only on the capacity of the pump working chamber volume variation value and the number of changes per unit time, regardless of the theoretical and discharge pressure. By means of reciprocating pump piston reciprocates in the cylinder working chamber (periodic elastic deformation or the working chamber by a flexible diaphragm element, bellows, etc.) to the working chamber volume to generate a periodically varying. Structurally, the reciprocating pump working chamber is separated from the outside by means of sealing means, through the valve (the intake valve and the outlet valve) or closed to communicate with the line.

   Saul Division water purifier manufacturers hope that you will carry out maintenance of water purifiers failure, if the problem can be made to the store for consultation.

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