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   household water purification equipment is now public concern, exactly how effective these products? Reporter learned from the City Consumers Association, the Consumers Association yesterday released a comparison test of 40 water purifier results, including nominal Patio, nine positive , 3M, Philips, Haier, Midea, Pitt Zander and many other brands of water purifiers, net drink machine, kettle net (cup) products. The results show that these products of varying quality.


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   a wide range of dazzling

   reporter visited the market learned, and now in addition to household water purifier, water purifier, there are net kettle ( cup) and other portable water purification equipment. A hypermarket in Hexi District, the sales staff said, the national water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,000 on the market water purifier brand and range up to thousands. Reporters on the scene, in accordance with the processing techniques can be divided into pure water purifier processor and general quality processor; in accordance with the use forms can be divided into a dedicated drinking water purifiers, water purifiers faucet, vertical water purification stage unit, Wall water purifiers, water purifiers pipes, portable water purifiers, water purifiers ride, central water purifier and the like. Reporters learned that, on the market from net tap tens of dollars to five or six thousand of water purification machines, a wide range of such products, consumers are often confused, what exactly to choose?

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   According to the Consumers Association released the latest comparison test shows that the water quality of 40 examined samples of drinking water are in line with our requirements, comparatively speaking, reverse osmosis water purifier more pure. After 28 indicators turbidity, smell and the taste, pH, total hardness, aluminum, iron or the like is detected, the water quality was found as compared with the general water quality processor corresponding raw effluent water (i.e., water), the value is not changed, but the pure water processor sample water quality index value is far below the value of the raw water.

   Comparative tests also found that some samples purifier lack the necessary parameters and instructions. Water purifier nameplates, logos, instructions for using the information provided by the user, rated total net amount of water, electrical parameters and use of the environment, to guide people to the proper and safe use of the appliance is essential protection. If not marked "rated total net amount of water" (water purifier filter water is the highest that can be processed), you can not know the time to replace the cartridge, continued use could have a "secondary pollution", to consumers of drinking water harm.

  The labels and instructions by examining samples of 40, 5, paragraph found not explicitly rated total net amount of water; paragraph 2 does not expressly rated net flow; 2 sample was not under reverse osmosis nominal power consumption.


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   to buy water purification equipment 6:00 Note

   Consumers Association to remind the general public to buy water purification equipment should be noted:

   (a ) confirm the type and purification capacity, demand to buy cost-effective products. Buy water purifier is not expensive enough, cheap on benefits. To buy the type and quality of the performance of the water purifier according to the local water source.

   (b) confirmation health permits, certificates or relevant test reports. When consumers buy water purifier, you need to obtain a copy of the production of Health this document to the seller, to supervise local health centers around its authenticity and the related website if necessary.

   (c) to confirm the product instructions (instructions and plate).

   (iv) confirm the company claimed that the removal. When purchasing a water purifier, product claims for removal (such as: sediment, heavy metals, organic compounds, viruses, antibiotics and pesticides), the need to obtain the appropriate test report to the seller.

   (e) if the cleaning method before use. Each water purifier before you start to go through a series of access to drinking water cleaning, flush the filter impurities and harmful substances, and therefore the operation prior to use is very important.

   (f) for the use of cost, ability to confirm the service. Water purifier sale mainly in filter replacement, should fully understand the replacement time for each filter water purifier, price, access to the filter and replace the purchase method. There are water storage tank water purifier but also to understand the life of the storage tank, the replacement price and the replacing.

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