618 parties were pushing waterurifi market how to -show--

   affected by the epidemic, sluggish domestic market in the first half of this year, so in the multi-driven, 618 this year, unprecedented efforts. Since May 25, Jingdong, Lynx, Suning Tesco on the same day issued a 618 strategic and subsidies, but also indicates that this year for the first time a large electric providers to promote open. Under the online marketplace, Suning and other home appliance chain channels, distributors and other places are also actively involved in the promotion of this node by straight down, online community marketing shunt flow.

   platform deployment: simple and direct, for home

   each year from strategic platform announced, this year is different from last years difference of 618, 618 last year, in addition to Jingdong, the more other platforms He is actively involved - large-scale training, but this year in the overall economic situation is relatively grim in the form of more platforms promotional strategy for home-court advantage in the user category, to participate in all-round competition for enterprise and supply chain.

   From the feedback platforms, in addition to a wide range of subsidies, coupons, etc., the deployment of the platforms through its own propaganda to compete for 618 home. Jingdong which aims to create "the history of the best and most simple of 618," while deft live together, increase the entertainment, with goods and other elements. Lynx In addition to entertainment, live with a cargo and other elements, the first drying out the pre-sale turnover increased by over five times. Suning Tesco Direct launched the "J-10%" savings plan "stubble" price Jingdong, the United States on the basis of the joint fight a lot on the overweight again in cooperation with the Jingdong.

   then for water purification enterprises, 618 in all categories inside atmosphere of intense competition, how to sound it? Xiao Bian explore slightly by TOP brand in the warm-up activities of the platform.

   1, diversified Package build off

   From the point of view activity time, activity time water purifier market in the June 1, zero, like AO Smith, United States, Patio brands increased efforts in terms of activity and in terms of build-off, in addition to one yuan book, etc., to increase interest in the activities scheduled orders to Patio in the list of Lynx platform as an example, we can find a single book in addition to the price promotions , vouchers, filter endures, others such as sweepstakes and other activities also increased viscosity. The right to enjoy priority delivery scheduled this late delivery is also pre-installed to provide data to know.



   2, limited special, to promote the lotteryCross

   On June 1 the same day, in order to facilitate the transaction orders, we can see something like A.O. Smith increased on the basis of straight down the price of the gifts and interest-free installment and so on. The beauty of the platform Jingdong activities through limited special price for June 1 in front of the order to give less. These measures allow more benefits to consumers, while enhancing the rapid transformation of pre-scheduled build off of.



   3, with a cargo of live multi-faceted drainage

   On Air has become the core of the strategic deployment of the current marketing situation from the early water industry point of view, relatively few companies to participate in live, except by Silvia Patio, Luo has live acts, the other relatively small brands online live, more live events online market is all over the shop with a micro-channel spike activity carried out, during the year, 618 events, we found that as the United States has begun to hitch a ride Jingdong live, from the mobile terminal begins to increase drainage.



   4 high with low prices continue to deepen

   warm-up activities by various companies have introduced products, the product currently active in almost all large flux reverse osmosis products, and the flux gradually deepened. Because the brand online layout differences in the market, part of the brand continue to promote 400G products to gain market through greater profit sharing, but as the United States, millet and other brands have 600G product as an active basic models, while 800G products have begun to participate in activities given a greater none other. After this is expected by 618, online market structure will complete a new round of flux transitions.



   warm-up activities from the information currently disclose out of view, this years spending on water purification business online is relatively large, preferential prices have basically given up to 5 fold efforts, none bigger part of the brand models in a specific time period, expected price range of 618 during the 1000-3000 period will be very significant growth, with high water purifier online market will become more intense price competition online. At the same time due to head online to increase brand investment of resources, is bound to further accelerate efforts to reshuffle the long tail market online brand, so diversified category is one of the activities of this change will bring, the intensity of the outbreak net drink machine market will be strengthened.

   During the 2019 6.18 (W22 of-25) According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) monitoring, water purifier market size of 8.5 billion yuan, initially expected during this years 6.18 water purifier market is expected to reach about 12 billion yuan, the market size is expected to catch up with two-eleven size of the market last year. The online market in Suning in 21 weeks (5.18-5.24) by the "National grab air conditioning, the whole category of linkage" activities, detonated early promotional market, according to Ovid under the cloud network (AVC) line monitoring data show that at 21 weeks Line water purifier sales volume grew 46.4%, the market has been greatly reply. Learned to communicate with distributors around, a large part dealers will straight down the policy during the burst by 618 products to guide consumers to the store to buy through community marketing, with experience advantage to move up market is expected during the 618 line the market has also been a certain market release.

   due to suppression by the first half of the market, consumer demand delayed, as the last node in the first half sales, 618 is not only the promotion of online market, but also the line event at the market. We expect each business line will increase investment in the line during the 618, winning the "return to the blood" of the war.

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