Why water purifier foleasing-

   1, saving investment: Leasing of water purification equipment each year with little expenditure, the purchase of machinery to large sums of investment. Compared to bottled water, the annual savings for customers at least 30% of the cost. 2, no risk: because the service can be provided or the machine can not meet the needs and to terminate the contract, without additional cost. Purchase of machinery there are quality, service is good or bad in fear. 3, predictable costs: the user can estimate the cost of months or even years to occur, and make accurate budget. In addition to rental fees no other costs. 4. Flexibility: general business can be very flexible to provide rental equipment. Depending on your needs change, you can choose a small or a large-scale water purification equipment. 5, fast service: from the contract, equipment delivery, started almost simultaneously. In particular, the maintenance response time is the fastest, because their profits are generated on the basis that customers can absolutely normal use of the device. 6, tax benefits: the cost of rent payments can be reduced by 17 per cent income tax. 7, property management: a leasing contract provides for a fixed period of time for payment and provision of equipment to use. Leasing company bears the risk of depreciation and lease ending question of how the device handles. 8, to avoid black holes industry: rental of water purification equipment can effectively avoid accidental damage important parts, and professional issues that customers are service providers Kengpian things happen. Allowing customers to truly consumer sunshine, sunshine management.

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