Price, quality, brand three major factors that determinee qu

   Now consumers to buy goods are mainly based on large water purifier brand trusted, so the choice for large water purifier brand purchase has become a mainstream domestic consumption, household water purification products are no exception. So, consumers decide which product to buying mainly depends on the price, quality, brand these three factors.


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   Now many countries for oil provoked a lot of war, if the earth is not a good solution to the status quo shortage of human resources, the future for water resources caused war is not sensational. By 2020, the countrys total water demand will reach 680 billion cubic meters, while the water supply capacity of only 640 billion cubic meters, the annual water shortage of up to 40 billion cubic meters. Second, water pollution is still very serious, 70% of our rivers and lakes are subject to different degrees of pollution, widespread pollution of water sources threatened the water supply has become a prominent issue facing the industry. Drinking water safety is directly related to the broad masses of peoples health, quality of life and social stability is of great significance. Drinking water health standards in China has been a substantial increase in index increased to 106, some of the original indicators are more stringent, there is an urgent requirement for better innovation and upgrading in safe drinking water protection technology, has introduced better technology and products.

   let the Chinese pursuit of healthy water purifier market capacity Watch 100 billion. I want to buy a home water purifier consumers generally very focused on personal health and the quality of life there is high demand, coupled with the expensive water purifiers, so they tend to be very rational.


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   with respect to pure water and bottled water supply pipes, water purifier having a convenient, affordable, the current system with fresh water, no secondary pollution, etc. advantages, welcomed by the majority of residents, is the most promising way to purify drinking water. But according to the German coast Hz survey, household ownership rate in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, yet less than 15%, have lower rates of other cities, the countryside is basically a blank. Therefore, the development of my countrys space water purifier great, good market prospects.

   consumers about the contents of the above, can effectively address how to determine which brand of water purifier good question, to buy really they need water purification products. It can be said that determine the quality of water purifier price, brand quality decision, and this decision three water purifiers quality.

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