Why more and more peoplthrow away bottled water-

  Why more and more people throw away bottled water? Publish Web Site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-07-02 Bottled water in the end it safe has always been a focus of discussion, but can not buy any of that more and more people began to give up bottled water SELECT family drinking tap water Why? because there are too many uncertainties bottled water body, you can not give us a sense of security. Hazard a: difficult to track water quality and to ensure that some say is a natural mineral water bottled water, but the survey found that the water surrounding all rubbish; some say is mineral water, but the water was actually found and so on. Water continued to be suspicious about bottled water, it is difficult to ensure water quality. Hazard II: breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, such as drinking fountains disinfection time to time, there will be bacteria, viruses breed. When we change the usual bottled water, can see the bubbles Gudonggudong take up, then most of the bacteria in the air dissolved in water, and multiply rapidly in the water. Kaifeng three days, the bacteria exceeded 227 times Hazard III: poor quality barrels may contain harmful carcinogens Four: Timeout service bucket bacteria become "paradise" Some small manufacturers of bottled water for the recovery of empty drums are not careful disinfection, only in tap water simply click on the use of erosion, resulting in a bucket large population of bacteria, this bottled water, even the best and certainly the water was contaminated. Some time out of service into a bucket bacteria "promised land." Hazard five: water black heart, black heart bucket: a health hazard pernicious influence "black water" refers to unscrupulous traders with tap water filling directly into bottled water, "black barrel" of industrial waste in the polymer, a cleaner company please do not intact copy others articles of. Seeps in the aquatic environment, which is an organic pollutant, easy to make human carcinogen. People drink the "black bucket" filled with water, there will be no feeling at once, but as chronic poisoning, as will be apparent harm in later years.

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