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   HC net household water purifiers water purification occurs without water rationing how to handle himself summed up? several common reasons provided for your reference:

   method / step


   line to check the water purifier, a water purifier straighten conduit;

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   check supply water purifier, a water purifier is turned on 220V AC input supply if normal water purifier, check the output voltage of the transformer;


   or high-voltage switch checks whether the float switch failure, can not jump back;


   check the inlet valve, is normal. Unscrew the outlet solenoid valves, power, to check whether the water, such as a water barrier, proceeds to the next test;


   opening the raw water valve, detected before the reverse osmosis membrane filter is blocked, such as replacing clogged; if water, solenoid valve damage;


   after checking whether the pressure pump is a booster pump to meet the requirements. If less than 0.3MPa needs to be replaced;


   open mouth reverse osmosis membrane pure water, no water, such as reverse osmosis membrane damage;


   to check whether the amount of waste water is too large, so pure, wastewater imbalance;


   check post carbon filter is blocked.

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