Water purifier how to install- Fousteps to inall a watpurifi

   As the water purifier is not very popular, so a lot of people to their installation methods still do not understand. After finally come back to buy a water purifier, how to install it correctly? Mainly in the following four steps.




water purifier how to install? Step four (picture from the network)

   The first step in the installation of the water purifier: water purification installation position determining

   According to different functions each family, water purification equipment can choose to install in the kitchen, living room or other convenient water points. Drinking Water Equipment installation location should be the basis of the original water pipes, drinking water are convenient, easy whether sewage, electricity is safe, whether the space is clean, the maintenance by quickly as the standard, taking care not to allow children to touch.

   Second step: selecting parts of water purification equipment

   We Before installation, ready to be related supporting member, a plastic tube or metal ready pipe, valve, fitting, straight, elbow, nuts and so on. In addition, we have to be ready to install tools, such as electric pen, scissors, screwdrivers and so on.

   Step 3: Install water purification equipment

   we must first turn off the main switch of tap water, and then install a stainless steel ball valve at the water-way position, then the PE pipe access to tap water intake water purification device, after installation gooseneck faucet, connect it to a water purification device outlet.

   The fourth step: rinsing water purification equipment and checking

   After the water purification device installed, you can open the main switch and the water inlet pipe and a ball valve ball rinsed for about 5 minutes until the alcohol protection solution stops when no sewage outlet again, then open gooseneck faucet flush about 20 minutes to allow internal water purification equipment filter element is completely clean until the water purification equipment can be used normally.

   for the first time flushing water purification equipment is very important, it will affect the use of pre-performance water purification equipment and water quality. We during daily use water purification device, but also proper rinsing, the filter element can be removed with tap rinse and allowed to surface contamination can be washed away down the entrapped, water purification equipment to enhance water flux, thus extending its life. When we found a small amount of water in the use of water purification equipment, should be backwash of water purification equipment to recoverWater flux.

   more than four steps are the basic method of installing a water purifier, if you want to know the detailed procedure to install water purifier, we can continue to focus Oh!

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