Whole house water purification so many benefits th you know

   [network] water purifier investment consumers often focus on home water purifier kitchen while ignoring washing, bathing. According to the research report: daily tap water is absorbed by the body not only harmful substances in the diet process, and 63% by washing, bathing, etc. are absorbed through the skin. Therefore, more and more consumers choose to meet the family for drinking, cooking, laundry, bathing and other aspects of the water needs of the whole house water purification system at the time of supporting household water purifiers, which became the new darling of the moment home improvement. Today small just like to share a few install whole house water purification benefits.




   soft water is primarily removed by ion water calcium and magnesium ions, reducing water hardness, water removal of the water base exchange resin. Another technique is distinguished from a physical chemical softener ion exchange method, the calcium and magnesium ions is packed into crystals present in the water by high energy ball polymerization, so as not to fouling water. Compared with the water softener, there is a sharp feel.


   Since ancient times, seven things: poor Youyanjiangcu tea. Today, more and more people fall in love with a cup of tea, but tea is often in screenwriters on this child! The ancients had a mountain spring water, we now only tap water. However, direct use tap water boiled tea, chlorine taste and flavor was found to co-exist, the waste is good tea, distressed ah. Xiao Bian stick the heart to remind, do not forget home water purifier when tea Oh! With water to make tea, not only filtered tap water of chlorine and impurities, retaining the trace minerals, and amino acids in tea occurs to some the role of the elements in tea precipitation faster, dissolve more beneficial ingredients in tea Oh, tea taste more pure!

   improve the skin

   with a lady grade skin care products, skin will still drying, long closed allergy how to do? in fact, this is the chlorine in tap water and impurities in trouble! residual chlorine in the water will be absorbed by the skin, bleached skin, the skin layer was dried off, and even skin Xian, allergies and other symptoms, impurities can clog pores and cause skin allergies, the large pores, dull skin. Say water is the first step in skin care, but the water must be filtered out of the water after purification of residual chlorine and impurities Oh!

   clean and healthy water is really good "skin care"!



   understand it, your homeIn the water purifier, is not simple Oh! Hydra all things and silent, come enjoy the whole house water purification bring quality of life now!

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