Strengthen the construction of safe drinking water to boost

   To speed up the process of building safe drinking water projects, Nanjiang County Water Authority Adds measures, since the pressure to ensure that poverty Zhaimao "Hundred Days tackling" the successful completion of the task.


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   out requirements. Clear thinking and understanding requirements. Further strengthen the overall awareness of cadres and workers, understand the current grim situation of tackling poverty, drinking water safety as the current water system primary task, to manage, to the Governor, the formation of safe drinking water in rural areas work "within the system of everyone concerned, the time concern "good atmosphere. Clear time limits for advance. Benchmarking tackling poverty requirements, refine the target, toughened measures to fight 100 days, sprint 100 days, battle 100 days, to ensure that "the completion of the end of June the construction, the end of July to complete the project acceptance, water quality testing and standards found in August to complete the project audit "the successful completion of objectives and tasks. Clear discipline requirements. Serious poverty out of poverty discipline, continue to carry forward the "blood sweat no tears, peel off the meat is not left behind" in the spirit "grab sunny day, rainy day war, forgotten Sunday", threw himself into poverty out of poverty, lack of post of non undergo undue phenomenon.

   to focus. Strict construction off. The county drinking water to rescue people as the center, strict engineering quality, speed up the centralized water supply pipe network construction progress, and strive to the end of June all household water supply, safe drinking water schedule to achieve full coverage. Use strict pipe shut. To further strengthen the management of procurement pipe, build material release ledger, strictly according to the actual needs of the project grant honestly, recklessly and put an end to random phenomenon superior kind and affectionate friends. Acceptance strict management and protection off. Accelerate the preliminary acceptance of the completed project and organize timely review and acceptance. Strict acceptance criteria, and strictly control project quality, ensure construction quality works. A solid job management and protection after the construction of the project has been delivered, the establishment of management and protection system and implementing the management and protection of financial and personnel management and protection, guarantee the normal operation of the project.

   strong guarantee. Strengthen supervision and security, set up 12 supervisory groups, sub-Area for construction projects, case acceptance, management and protection and use of funds for supervision and technical guidance. Strengthening information security, each Steering Group built hierarchical classification according to first-line supervisors circumstances accounting, security station county drinking establishment periodically summarize the overall progress of the ledger, and accounting information updated in real time, dynamic grasp of the progress of the project. Works on promoting ineffective way to penalty stroke, point out the problem, clear measures, so remindPlace, supervision in place. Strengthen the protection of discipline, and control "in the obstruction" special rectification, rectification of the relevant requirements of the field of poverty alleviation style problem, because the work is not fine is not real, and so had dragged over the ground caused by the project can not complete the task on time, it will be strictly accountable accountability.

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