Water disinfection way


   water disinfection way, what is it? Recently, some friends asked small series, we usually tap water is drinking water, related to our everyday life, there are many water disinfection methods, the following small series to the next.




to present our country in terms of living standards, mainly used for disinfection of chlorine disinfection because chlorine is easy to dissolve in water, which we can accept in terms of the cost of a normal level of consumption, some foreign countries are now using UV disinfection, as more secure, then how drinking water was safe? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point, use a water filter can further eliminate impurities contained in tap water, tap water disinfection methods have those who do?


now mostly use the chloride water disinfection, chlorination of public water main purpose is to prevent water-borne diseases, this approach has extended to 100 years old, has better production technology and equipment, chlorine used for water disinfection with disinfection effect, low cost, almost no harmful substances advantage. But after understanding the theory of information, research, found that chlorine used to disinfect tap water still has some drawbacks. Tap water chlorination can produce carcinogens, currently relevant experts also made a number of improvements.


Chlorine soluble in water, combined with water, hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid, play a major role in the whole sterilization process hypochlorite. Odor of inorganic substance, the oxidation can be completely sterilized, for living natural substances such as algae, bacteria concerned, it can penetrate the cell wall, which oxidizing enzyme system (enzyme biocatalyst) it lost activity, the life activity of bacteria impeded and death. Hypochlorous acid itself is neutral, the bacterial body accessible exhibits good sterilization effect, hypochlorite ion also has a certain sterilizing effect, but it is difficult to access the negatively charged bacterial body (negatively charged bacterial body), thus compared with hypochlorous acid, its sterilization effect is much difference, so the chlorine disinfection than the use of bleach disinfection better.


At this stage, in addition to chlorine disinfectants, as well as chlorine dioxide, ozone, use of alternative disinfectant reduces the amount of generated harmful substances, while improving processing efficiency.


the world safe water disinfection ozone sterilization method, but this method of treatment costs are too expensive, and ozone-treated water and its retention time isLimited, as to how long to keep, there is not a precise concept. Therefore, only a small number of developed countries only use this approach.


explained above is small series, we hope to help more small knowledge about the family drinking water all in this site.




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