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   regardless of the official forecast, speculation or folk, are the result of domestic water purifier market space a few hundred billion, less than the current scale of tens of billions, it can be said that the potential of the water purifier market is quite impressive . In the top ten brands of water purifiers Marco Polo opinion, domestic water purifier market is in its infancy to maturity of the transition process, the key is very deep, is home water purifier water purifier manufacturers and agents to join the opportunities that have , water purifiers joined the agency said that although investment is not, but if the long-term sustainable and fast development, long-term profitability, it is a cycle of gradual thing.

   For many entrepreneurs, the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands in fact, not a small sum, small series that, no matter what age, who do not believe money is the wind, I believe everyone money is hard to come by, for household water purifiers to join the agency, if wanted, can minimize the risk, and they can get more resources, seek more support, then the water purifier with a small agent steven Waugh compiled recommended to select such high visibility, good reputation regular brand.

   can not make bricks without straw, so the choice of the first batch of goods franchisee must consider carefully, it is necessary to select high-quality products, but also with high-middle and low, research shows that consumers face three different products when, tend to adopt a compromise rule, choose medium-priced products. Therefore, the price artificially high or low prices generally are not suitable for sales, leading products is in order to remain competitive, as currently on the market very popular Marco Polo is a good choice, Marco Polo 0 initial fee, deposit 0, 1-3 ten thousand there batch delivery rebate offer, there really is water purifier agent will select the brand.

   people rely on clothes, Buddha by Gold, a storefront decoration pattern largely reflects a water purifier brand standards, thus fitting into a water purifier on the franchisee can not save too much, but as an entrepreneur initial investment is limited, so manufacturers need to apply for rebates. Marco Polo as water purifiers top ten brands is also very generous rebate in the decoration, the decoration in addition to providing a model free, but there will be up to several million renovation rebate. Unified store decoration is also beneficial to the development of post-distributors, through a unified image of the building, so that the formation of regional brand advantage, enhance the influence.

   after-sales service as an important part of long-term business, it can be said is a major breakthrough reputation building, do a good service, good reputation naturally, do poor service,It will give a very bad impression of the brand. How to get good service, not only water purifier to join the business issues to consider, water purifier manufacturers should also respond positively, advice. For consumers, efficient after-sales service is the primary considerations, followed by the after-sales service quality, and the other a brand can respond within 24 hours in a week to respond to the demands of the service brand in the minds of consumers the impression that there will be essentially different. In order to after-sales service system for the implementation of Marco Polo, Marco Polo and agents in full consultation, to play and win-win spirit of communion, parts and components for general questions, the agents will be dealt with first, and then focus on reimbursement, product franchisee can not handle referred to the headquarters deal with. Meanwhile, in order to better safeguard the interests of consumers and agents, Steven Waugh also voted insurance for each product, the risk to a minimum.

   in the water purifier sales promotion, in general, franchisees may not have the experience, and therefore is imperative to seek the support of manufacturers professionals. But the general water purifier manufacturers do not necessarily have professional marketing staff, so franchisees in the choice of brand when they should understand clearly. Marco Polo before signing with the franchisee will invite franchisees to understand the model of the market sales, field sales model to learn, after signing professional market presence will be joining the staff of the drainage opening, branding, channel development counseling.

   With the advent of universal water purifier, home water purifier nationwide popularity just around the corner, household water purifiers to join the agency also proved to be a suitable long-term management of the sunrise industry. As the saying goes, relying on a good shade tree, is not particularly abundant liquidity proxy franchisee must do the preliminary investigation, Xiao Bian recommend investors interested in water purification industry friends, the best choice for this strength like Marco Polo Shenzhen strong manufacturers, or post-sales promotion work hard to make progress.

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