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   HC clean water network in order to know the answer to that question, we come to get clear, home tap water is exactly how come? !

   city tap water taken from rivers, lakes or ground water near the country, through the centralized processing and disinfection of the water plant and then transported through the pipe network, residential secondary water supply, and finally to each household .




   In general, water is the water plant treatment processes professionally, and rigorous testing, only qualified standard factory.

   In China, since 2007 July 1 the full implementation of the "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006), a factory for water detection index up to 106, some of which are key indicators standard even more than the European Union, the United States and other standards.

   tap water quality is substandard factory, also it means that tap water in your home is the same standard it? !

   After all, your home is not directly connected to the tap water plant.

   pipe network

   tap water factory, to go through thousands of transport to reach the city water supply network in your home. There may be the water pipe network of secondary pollution during transmission.

   In the transmission process the water distribution network, due to the aging pipeline corrosion, bacteria breed pipe, pipeline leaks and other reasons, the increased water very much contaminants, rust, dirt, bacteria and so directly affect the quality of tap water. And the old network severe water pipes often burst, from the quality point of view, but also prone to secondary pollution.

   According to the survey, Chinas urban water supply network quality is generally poor, it does not match the national standard gray cast iron pipe accounting for 50.80%, accounting for 13% of ordinary cement pipes, galvanized pipes and other 6%.

   water tanks, water towers and other secondary cell

   Usually the municipal water pressure is supplied to only 6 or less, most of the buildings to high water pressure through the second water supply. Cisterns, water tanks, water towers is difficult to guarantee health conditions, large secondary water supply problems.

   Many perennial community pool cleaning, disinfecting or uncapped, rain and foreign matter into the tank, resulting in the accumulation of sediment, bacteria, harmful algae, there will be junk items rust, dead rats, pests and other bodies floating status appear.

   long-term drinking bad water quality potentially harmful

   you may feel that drinking this water for so many years, have not seen out what was wrong. But in fact, unclean drinking water harmful effects of long-term accumulation, until discovered too late.

   unclean drinking water has two features of the human hazards: First, progressive. A variety of toxic substances accumulate in the human body slowly to cause harm, take a long time, and therefore difficult to detect, more covert. The second is not easily broken down, continue to accumulate. All organic compounds and heavy metals in general can not be broken down and metabolized, it enters the body only long-term stay, continue to accumulate.

   Moreover, not only harmful substances in water to be absorbed during drinking human body, in fact, the absorption capacity of the skin is amazing. Studies showed that: 64% of the contaminant by washing, bathing etc. are absorbed through the skin.

   how to protect the safety and health of tap water in the home of

   Although the factory tap water quality is no problem, but after heavy transport, secondary pollution is difficult to avoid tap water, tap water flow to your home there is potential contamination risks.

   Therefore, it is necessary to install a water purifier at home, plus a security guard at the home terminal through the water purifier drinking water family.

   the moment, there are many families to remove all kinds of secondary pollutants in tap water through the water purifier kitchen, access to safe drinking water purification. But only concerned about drinking water problem, only solved the drinking water problem of the family of a quarter, the daily drinking water needs of households covered by the "Eat, eat, wash, bath" and other aspects.

   the whole house water purification center to make real positive electromechanical water flowing out of the faucet at home each are available direct drinking water purification, one step to solve the whole family to drink, eat, wash, bath full range of water purification demand.

   A complete central whole house water purification system, the front end of the central water purifier ultrafiltration, filtration accuracy 0.01 m, the water can effectively retain the small particles sediment, rust, colloids, algae, bacteria, etc. harmful impurities, and retain beneficial natural minerals, water reached the standard drink straight.

   Central water to solve the problem of health and safety whole house water quality. Depending on the water scenes, such as faucets, showers, laundry, cleaning can also meet the needs of different water through the installation end.

   If your home smell heavy water, or chlorine in many areas (bleach smell). RO terminal may be configured to drink straight in the kitchen, through the activated carbon adsorption of residual chlorine, can improve the taste of drinking water.

   If you install home warm, water pipes and appliances or scaling occurs serious problems such as yellowing of the laundry stiffness, may be considered at an end with the end of water softener, softening bathing water, reducing water hardness.


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