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   Our country is water-starved countries, per capita water resources is only a quarter of the world average. Water conservation has a special significance for our country.

   However, with multiple people and water pollution incidents pursuit of healthy living, reverse osmosis water purification machines began to enter more and more families. Can effectively remove harmful substances and impurities, purification efficiency is high become a common reverse osmosis water purification selling machine. However, home reverse osmosis water purifier there is a dark secret. The secret cause a lot of water every day in vain flow away from the kitchen.


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   was originally a water purifier "Water Tiger"

   A few months ago, the public Zhuya Xin new house for the family can drink safe and clean water, she abandoned the use of bottled water dispenser for years, spent 2,000 yuan to buy a certain brand of reverse osmosis water purifier.

   When newly installed, family is very happy. This is because the use of this water purifier can purify tap water, water after purification is safe to drink, eliminating the need for change barreled pure water trouble.

   However, did not last long. Zhuya Xin found that in recent months the water "whizzing" to go up, more than double the previous move. She tried to think but can not find the cause. After reminding neighbors Zhuya Xin found, installed in the kitchen below the water purifier water pipes and drainage pipes in the water down. She consulted water purifier sales staff learned that "purify one liter of pure water, need to discharge three liters of tap water."

   "originally thought that this produced very healthy pure water, water purification machines did not expect this surprising quiet and water, water waste so serious." Ms. Chu said. According to estimates this percentage, look to the city, the amount of water wasted every day is indeed very alarming.

   the public Zhang Jianbin home use with a reverse osmosis water purifier. This is a decoration company renovated the house after presented to him. "Indeed larger than the original water." Zhang Jianbin frankly. When he found the water purifier has a discharge pipe "waste water" is directly connected to the sewer, water-saving awareness of Zhang Jianbin the discharge pipe "waste" of idle received a bucket, and then use these "waste" Every day drag the, flush the toilet.

   reporter consulted the cattle dealer Chunlin a water purifier. He acknowledged that reverse osmosis water purifier, water purifier nanofiltration and ultrafiltration water purifier part, there will be circumstances tail water discharge, but the specificWater emissions depending on which end of the access filter tap water quality, water purifier and water employed. In comparison, reverse osmosis water purifier row of "waste" the highest percentage, but also the highest degree of purification, produced after purification is pure water.

   "home reverse osmosis water purifier has a water inlet and two outlets, each outlet permeated water is discharged (i.e., pure water) and concentrated water." Niu Chunlin said, "because the reverse osmosis membrane small pore size can be achieved below the nanometer, a membrane filter after the water, only a small portion of the water through most of the water is treated as waste water discharged from the water pipes. some no storage tank, into the single-port, single-port out UF water purifier can not exclusively waste, but less filtering effect, and some will be a high frequency of replacement of the filter. "

   Meanwhile bovine Chunlin said water purifier resulting" waste water "is not wastewater in the true sense: "Some workers do not know how to install a reverse osmosis water purifier concentrated water quality is washed with water, when the user installs the concentrate to water down a water pipe inserted wrong, resulting in a lot of valuable water resources waste. "

   household water purification machines of" waste "emissions so big, water purifier tail water wastage that the district where those coin card is not more serious it?

   reporter in the happiness in the district coin to buy a bucket of water purification mechanism out of the water. At the same time water purifier water, and sewer pipe next came "rushing" sound. Mr. Gao in the city a sale, lease commercial water purification machines, coin sale of water company work, he said: "According to what I know, a lot of the city district where the draft tube water purifier installed directly access sewer, really waste a lot of water every day. "

   saving the road long way to go

   Why so serious waste of water purification machines, there are more and more people in use? reporter survey that most people in addition to the waste water purification machine outside did not know that filtered water security 锕?clean.

   Water is a big problem related to peoples life and health, and our country due to the water shortage and pollution problems affecting the residents with water. State or Government noted the problem of water pollution, earlier this year, the State Council issued a report entitled "State Council on the new consumer actively play a leading role, accelerating the development of guidance on the formation of a new supply of new power (Guo Fa [2015] No. 66)" document, clear the "water purifier"Emphasizing as green consumption.

   However, the problem of waste water reverse osmosis water purification unit has been restricting the development of product, and only water-saving products to improve capacity and reduce the rate of waste water to be able to give full play to the advantages of reverse osmosis, so that the water purifier products to enter the fast track of development. This reporter has learned, he has been to develop a "reverse osmosis water treatment equipment", "household and similar use drinking water treatment devices," "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" and other water purification is the national (industry) standard, only made the required "鈮?0%" to "water recovery" reverse osmosis water purification machine (the ratio of pure water), and there is no "water use reverse osmosis water purifier rate "make demands. this is also an important cause waste of water.

   Therefore, the introduction of mandatory water-saving standards, accelerate advance the field of water-saving certification, becoming the promotion of civilian water purification equipment and technological progress update an important means of updating.

   To this end, our country promulgated the "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating" mandatory national standard, which is a project by the Ministry of water Resources in 2011, commissioned by the China standardization Institute responsible for the development. this standard has entered the approval stage, is expected from 2017 began. according to this standard, reverse osmosis water purifier water production rate of not less than 35%, otherwise the ban on the production and sale of water efficiency rating for the five, manufacturers must be determined after authorities grades of water efficiency, and prominently marked on the product. this provision will have a profound impact on the water industry, forcing manufacturers to strengthen research and development of water-saving technologies and products, promote water conservation advances in technology to reduce water waste. for consumers, will be able to understand buy water purifier water production rate is how much the water purifier water efficiency as an important indicator of choice, in favor of saving the cost of water, saving water resources

   cattle Chunlin told reporters, improve the status of waste water purification machines can also start from two aspects: One is to increase recovery of reverse osmosis water, less emissions as much as possible but this is only a transitional phase, it is important to convey to the public the idea of 鈥嬧€媠aving water. Second, water recycling concentrated. both of these methods is through technical means less emissions and no emissions, so that no waste water generated in the relative sense. he advised the public to use a home water purifier , try to "waste water" reuse them. Although the "waste water" can not drink, but can be used to water the flowers, mopping the floor, flush toilets and other water-saving a little bit every day, not only can save a portion of the water, but also for the country festivalAbout water resources make whatever contribution.

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