Water purifiers became the needs of consumsought aft life

   Now just to the mall, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places home appliances can be seen everywhere selling water purifier store or stores, mainly in household and commercial water purifier water purifier mainly into two categories. In order to allow consumers to more easily choose a good water purifiers, small integrated Raiders buy a water purifier for everyone, I hope for your help.



   select purifier Raiders

   Raiders: Preferred can filter heavy metals reverse osmosis water purification unit is safe drinking water

   According to the water purification industry-related data, the current reverse osmosis water purifier water purifier market has become mainstream models, generally well received by consumers. Digital display, reverse osmosis water purifier market share in 2012 accounted for only 31.4%, by 2015 the proportion had reached 71.8%, became the largest category of water purification machines, 2016 would be even higher.

   leaps and bounds water purifier in recent years, there is a certain relationship with the current changes in water quality. my countrys rapid industrialization and pollution of water bodies so that gradually worsened, heavy metal pollution is the biggest risk. The Consumers Association also tips: "Now the water purifier on the market are microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis are several in which the filter effect of reverse osmosis water purifier best, can actually filter out heavy metals, so that the water becomes safer. "

   in microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water purification art three higher filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis water purification unit, in addition to effectively filter the water of bacteria, viruses, water outside the base, organic matter and other harmful impurities, it can effectively filter out heavy metals and antibiotics, so that water can be healthy. Therefore, many water purifier category, reverse osmosis water purifier is the first choice for safe drinking water.

   Strategy II: i.e., the next filter is preferably reverse osmosis water purification

   Reverse osmosis water purification filter has become the first choice due to its high accuracy home water purifier. However, due to technical limitations of the initial reverse osmosis water purifier before you can use popular for water storage type, filtered water needed to store a certain amount in the storage tank, the storage tank there will be secondary pollution, bacteria may, the longer the storage time, the greater the likelihood of contamination. ! But most of the current brand in the RO machine product development is sparing no effort, large flux, micro waste products continue to emerge, it is to meet some of the pain points customers to meet

   Raiders three: buy depends on the brand, brand quality and service is guaranteed andCertificate

   production of high-tech water purification machines, generally have a number of patented technologies, therefore, big brand water purifier filter on the level and quality of products, more advantages. Just look at the big brand quality and security, consumers may be more concerned about the installation services, big brands on the quality of service is guaranteed. So the purchase or to pay attention to the quality of service.

   just above the Raiders as a reference, or to see who purchase their actual needs. The right is the best. In the current situation so serious water pollution, water purifier essential!

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