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   Water is an important part of the living body, is essential to life-sustaining substance that is necessary for human life substances, "people can not do without water, but we must learn to reject water pollution." The water quality of our health is closely related to, the following list a few.

   The relationship between water and parenteral

   When the heavy metals in water into the stomach, gastrointestinal mucosa will destroy, kill bacteria portion (digestive enzymes), resulting in gastrointestinal diseases, for example: "gastritis chronic gastric ulcer disease, gastric perforation, colitis and other produce. "So, to say water pollution is one of the important causes of gastrointestinal diseases.

   relationship between water and kidney

   kidney glomeruli is composed by a number of human intake of approximately five kilograms of water per day. Kidney into the body of water pollution, excessive contaminants in water to produce carbonate increased the excretion of kidney burden, at the same time increased the incidence of stones.

   The relationship between water and liver

   One of the functions of the liver

   is a blood filter processing, pollution of water will lead to reduced quality of the blood, to a form of hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver disease. Contaminated water molecules through the blood circulation to the heart, blood vessels have delivered to ten million. Thus, the water quality of water pollution is a major cause of liver disease formation.

   The relationship between water and blood vessels

   together a body vessel length, two and a half around the earth, very narrow vessel lumen, binding of heavy metals and fats in the blood, thrombosis factor, with the flow of blood to form clots in the stenosis, resulting in cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction and other vascular disease. Water quality caused by pollution is also one of the causes of cardiovascular disease.

   the relationship between water and cancer

   The most important feature of cancer cells in the anaerobic decomposition process of absorbing large amounts of oxygen, resulting in excessive organic matter in water, environment, human hypoxic cancer cells to survive and multiply Therefore, water pollution is one of the important reasons for the high incidence of cancer diseases.

   The human body is the most advanced "water purifier", often of drinking unclean water, will increase the burden of various organs of the body, equal to suicide. Water is the source of life, health is essential to life.

   According to the World Health Organization reported: "80% of human disease and 33% of deaths related to drinking water," Please do not put your body as a water purifier, water changeHabit, I focus on your health.


   to install a water purifier, make yourself a healthy drink safe water, water purifier is the bodys kidney in vitro, a water purifier to protect the whole family! Please seriously consider buying a water purifier under machine it!

   installation of a qualified water purification equipment is equivalent to set up a protective barrier for our safe drinking water! clean and safe drinking water is the real source of life, our healthy living the foundation

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