Water purifier market is still intsnfancy

   In recent years, along with the frequent environmental issues, water purifiers also usher in a golden period of development. But compared to the empty net market lively, water purifier market still seemed perturbed.


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   air purifier industry, though started late, but due to the haze-prone, consumers are willing to take the initiative to buy. For household tap water, a lot of people do not think there are too many problems, should not be related to water pollution incidents have been exposed, the consumer has not noted the important role of water purifier.

   At present there is the problem of low consumer acceptance water industry. According to insiders, the national penetration rate of home water purifier up to 90% in Europe and America, Asia developed a water purifier penetration rate of over 70% compared to the Chinese domestic water purifier penetration rate of less than 5%. Visible, although the water purifier market feels a huge market, but still in its infancy.

   bottleneck restricting the development of the industry are many. Price is the primary concern of consumers, currently on the market, foreign brands and some brands of water purifiers high price, at every turn 35 thousand dollars or even million, but also supplies post-consumption consumers have to consider buying factors. In fact in terms of technology, water purification equipment and production technology has been mass production, lower prices, to help the people is the inevitable path of development of the industry.

   In addition, the lack of sound criteria, disorderly market competition, technological plagiarism is serious, business intelligence failure, no guarantee after-sale problems also plagued by major problems in the future development of the water industry.


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   According to related statistics, my countrys current water purifier production exceeded one thousand companies, employing more than a million. Our water purification industry in the past few years the market will face a major reshuffle, some small water purifier in the face of market competition in terms of product quality, production lines, water purification and production skills or technological innovation will be difficult. With perfect water purifier industry standards, systems, and some Wupaiwuzheng water purifier brand will not stop the land.

   Water is the source of life, health present. Although there are many problems in the water industry, but it is undeniable, it is the development of the water industry a golden opportunity has arrived. Water purifiers one day and televisions, refrigerators, electric fans as popular to every home. Although the industry is still difficult, but the water purifier has been on the road.

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