2015 -Chinas top ten water purifier brand named- micro-chann

   As of April 17, 2015, China Water Purifier network launched "Chinas top ten water purifier brand Award" campaign has entered the voting stage on the 8th day, the event in line with the majority of consumers, dealers and the principle of the entire water purification industry is responsible, it will be announced Chinas top ten water purifier brand authoritative list May 30, 2015. As of today 15:00, AXE ax brand, Stig, MKEY respectively 660 votes, 347 votes, 277 votes is located in the top three. Voting address: http: //top10.jsq001.com/

   website for the majority of users, enterprises and dealers, through the micro-channel election, has the full support of our water purifier brands, including Angel, AO Smith, Patio, ho Chak, Ph.D. water, clean water source, 3M, Everpure, large sedan, nearly a hundred brands stand for election, candidates dealers by brand launched micro-channel participation in voting, 100 battle increasingly fierce.


   According to todays 15:00 of the data, the current top ten brand selection is leading the votes are AXE ax cards (660 votes), Stig (347 votes) , MKEY (277 votes), Angel (215 votes), AO Smith (206 votes), Patio (186 votes), ho Ze (162 votes), Dr water (147 votes), the clean water source (144 votes), 3M (141 ticket), Everpure (131 votes), the large sedan (128 votes), the United States and Dvorak, the security source, Matsuura, Barney Australia, ice statue, lags behind other brands. Voting stage as of May 30, 2015, which brands can lead? And what brands can come from behind? Our common concern.


   warm welcome to all candidates brands, franchisees and website users to actively participate in your mind quality brand cast a vote. ID limits a cast three votes, is strictly prohibited brush votes, once discovered, disqualified voting address:! Http: During the voting //top10.jsq001.com/


  , China water purifier net will be full coverage for your vote to date. Beat the race, Who voted micro-channel was officially launched, welcome attention to the Chinese water purifier official micro-channel voting page to cast your valuable vote

   voting time activities:?! 2015 of April 10 to May 30, 2015 only.

   Vote micro-channel public number: wwwjsq001com

   event organizers: China Water Purifier network

   Events Hotline: 400-966-0563

   Customer Activity QQ: 23321820/23321821

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