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   summer increase the bodys need for water, water purification industry usher in the season. According to relevant statistics, Chinas water purifier market in the case of less than 10% penetration rate, and always maintain 30% to 50% growth rate, the majority of the water purifier market prospects, which attracted a large number of "Nuggets" have involved in the water purifier market, but we also found that the lower the water industry barriers to entry, while lack of industry standards and specifications, currently has more than 4000 water purifier manufacturers, water purifier market cohabitation is widespread , water purifier product quality varies greatly.

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   According to the survey found that many small enterprises in order to save costs, in the absence of access to relevant health documents issued or to apply a variety of goods and documents relating to health, in the absence of professional R & D design basis for the next, with a small workshop production equipment and production methods focus on the production of quality missing the necessary testing methods and systems, not to talk about management and marketing system, produced in such an environment of water purification product quality is worrying.

   as the worlds top experts in water purification, water purifiers for many years won the top ten brands of water purifiers think Lindstr枚m water industry is a healthy industry, is a business with a conscience, therefore, Springs Pointe du never qualified products into the market. In the early twentieth century, most water purifier manufacturers to put money and effort put in during the advertising, Lindstr枚m is served to product quality and foundation work, so in this season, the average monthly shipments amounted to five when the Lindstr枚m more than 10,000 parts per million of water purification products shouted defect rate, some joy, some people blush.

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   water purifier manufacturers Lindstr枚m official said, first of all have to do water purifier conscience, and then is a good "core" Quality is the key, not strictly control product quality, not seriously implement the service brand regardless of the health of consumers, consumers will eventually be abandoned. Lindstr枚m all the staff solemn oath to all the dealers and the community sessions: Lindstr枚m not developed dysfunction product, do not purchase low quality of raw materials, do not produce defective products, to prevent defective products into the market, no sales are not qualified products, people do have a conscience clean water. We comply with the "Seiko quality, global services" business philosophy, to mention quality products for customers to buy, so that cooperation partner sales at ease, comfortable to make money.

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   Finally, Lindstr枚m water purifier to remind you:At this stage water purifier sales season, consumers should polish his eyes, not only look at price, but also pay attention to the quality of water purifier brand and service. Lindstr枚m water purifier brand strictly control product quality, the establishment of brand service stations in the region, continue to improve after-sales service, it has become the preferred brand of consumers in mind.

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