On Europe Hui Pu water purifier manufacts and deals how to -

   water purifier manufacturers from dozens of development to the current status of hundreds, thanks to breakthroughs in product technology has been continuously, also benefited from the popularity and efforts terminal dealers. Cultivate a reseller difficult to maintain a good best distributors more difficult, difficult as both men and women fall in love. Like "love easily spend hard!"

   water purifier manufacturers and distributors to talk about the good this love, to grasp the scale of the three factors.

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   How purifier manufacturers and distributors "love"

   "wink edge", the dealer is able to select a manufacturer in collaboration with many brands, the manufacturer must be having unique charm, was in line with eye margin dealers. Do not sleep a wink the edge, the product to be attractive appearance and excellent internal quality, with both hands, the first time in order to attract distributors!

   "intimate degree," water purifier is a high-tech industry , the popularity of the manufacturers to provide technical training and marketing programs for dealers for dealers is the most intimate thing. Not only to cultivate the best distributors for their own manufacturers, but also to enhance dealer loyalty to the enterprise. Water purification industry in China is still an emerging industry, dug dealers "corner" each other manufacturers is a very common thing, to know spent great effort to support the training of dealers out, once poached, companies have less in terminal strong show in front of customers.

   "security", of course, from the security auto manufacturers 24 hours caring service. Water purifier better than other commodities, it is a high-tech products. Once the small parts of the product will cause problems with the collapse of the entire machine, the lack of experience of the dealers to appease both the customers emotions, but also timely identification of the products in question arising and resolved. Lack of experience is not easy to win pay. So dealers hope to have enough companies to provide adequate security.

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