Pay attention to what to buy plastic cups


   to buy plastic cups are also a lot of knowledge Oh, 2020-06-04 tell you what to pay attention to buy plastic cups, please read carefully.




knowledge large plastic cups, plastic cups purchase is critical Oh, 2020-06-04 teach you what to pay attention to buy plastic cups, we have to read carefully Oh, I remember a good collection of .


Note to buy as plastic cups;


See use.


cup cup will be marked with use, so the cup to select "food" for the job, other uses of the cup marked try not to buy, otherwise adversely affect health. Do not buy the use of unmarked plastic cups.


See material.


determines the quality of glass material is good or bad drinking cup, in general, better silicone resin, followed by the polypropylene particles (pp), the kind of material temperature, low temperature properties are strong, The former temperature range is -40 掳 --- 200 degrees, which is -20 degrees --- 120 degrees.




good plastic cups, even though the new smells the odor would not be very special, but some low-grade plastic cups, a close able to smell the pungent taste of low-quality plastic or rubber taste, indicating that this cup poor quality, try not to buy.


to see the production license logo.


front glass production requires a special license issued by the agency, so the glass bottle marked with the "QS" production license logo.


To observe the bottom of the cup number.


at the bottom of plastic products in general are clearly marked serial number, which identifies the material on behalf of plastic cups, plastic cups security you buy or not to identify with these oh-related.


Thank you to our small family drinking knowledge, lectures in the next issue we will tell you what the safest drinking cups, so stay tuned.




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