Teach you how to get a healthy life in drinkg water


the socio-economic development, peoples living standards to improve, but we are closely related with the water but was persecuted, so people pay more attention in terms of drinking water. No water under the premise of professional knowledge, it is difficult to distinguish good and bad water quality. Below ingenious identification of healthy water, we can help more people to co-reference healthy water.


What is healthy drinking water


by sampling and analysis of drinking water sources around the world longevity areas, drinking water professional circles believe that high-quality and beneficial to human health drinking water should meet the following conditions :


鈶? It does not contain toxic to humans harmful pollutants;


鈶? Substance content suitable ratio, and showed ionic state; (Water is not pure enough)


鈶? The pH is a weak alkaline; pH of human blood is about 7.35, and only in weak alkaline conditions, in order to maintain the vitality of human cells, metabolism exuberant talent.


鈶? High dissolved oxygen content;


鈶? Small degree of association of water molecules, dissolved, infiltration; when the association degree is less than 6 molecules of water, and this water solubility greatly increased penetration, facilitate the bodys metabolism.


Other taste index


鈶? Temperature of 10 to 20 degrees, optimum temperature at 14 鈩?


鈶? Free H2CO3 concentration: 20-30mg / L


鈶? Ca + K + SiO2 / Mg + SO4> 2


Note: moderate water sweetish calcium content; iron compound content is too high, there astringency; high sodium content has a bitter taste. Japanese studies show good water ions are calcium, potassium, silicate and the like, and magnesium sulfate as the main reason for not taste good.


access to quality drinking water is the main way


at the beginning, it was the main route of the river water, but with the birth and development of industry, the river gradually eutrophication, algae and parasites large number of breeding, people have to be prepared to take by precipitation and disinfection of water, for a time have become a major drinking water ways; now with the rapid development of chemical industry, human artificial synthesis of a variety of organic pollution into water systems. they drink or other ways absorbed by the body, pose a serious threat to human health, water transfer processesSystem approach them powerless.


traditional boiler boil water, not boiling cleared by various chemical substances, risk of a variety of chemical contamination of organic and inorganic substances; and the water in the boiler after repeated boiling harmful to health, not suitable for drinking.


At present the main way people access to drinking water in three ways:


Bottled water: is spread wide, but because of the lack of strict management, the manufacturers of the merits of large differences in water quality; barrels inherent secondary pollution; and bottled water also should not be placed more than seven days, more than a certain time limit will also breed contamination. In addition, such as drinking fountains cleaning work is not timely or not compliance, it will also cause bacteria multiply, the health hazards of drinking. All these deficiencies make bottled water has shown a tendency to gradually withdraw from the market.


household water purifiers: currently used in many large cities. Can be customized, can be relatively meet user demand for water, it is more stable quality.


Central drinking water equipment: also known as the water supply, i.e. water quality according to the different requirements of residential, office buildings, schools, factories, and other centralized water treatment depth, each through a separate supply conduit to the a water terminal. End users simply open the faucet to drink, convenient health. The access terminal may be heated to prepare hot water.

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