Water purifier in life, in the end what role

   With the continuous development of social economy, peoples quality of household drinking water has also been improved, not only clean, but also safe and nutritious. So more and more people chose to install home water purifier products to ensure the safety of water for their families, but there is still a lot of people on the water purification products and efficient is playing a big question mark, so some small series today I need to give popularize efficient water purifier.

   On the current domestic drinking water situation, but also want to achieve this by means of a standard home water purifier. The popularity of home water purifier is broader domestic water equipment in the world, in Europe and the national penetration rate up to 85%, since the beginning of the 21st century opened, people have gradually configured to improve the quality of water purifier, and now, home water purifier the role is recognized by many users.


   1, the role of water purifier - superior filtering

   Product carrying household water purification filter, filtration and purification of tap water, it is filtered through dense in addition to the water hole effective sediment, rust, heavy metals and chlorine, etc., while removing water color, odor, bacteria, viruses, etc., so that the water is retain beneficial minerals and trace elements, can be achieved in line with human health direct drinking standard.

   the absorption of small molecules of water more rapidly, household water purification and activation functions magnetization, change the molecular structure of water, so that water into macromolecules hexagonal small molecules of water (i.e., water cells) can quickly interact with the molecules inside the cell and its surroundings, the input of nutrients inside the cells, and the toxic substances out. 2.7-fold increase the oxygen content, can inhibit the propagation of microorganisms, it has a good antibacterial effect. Wherein the ultra-low oxidation / reduction potential (-150mv - 350mv), can effectively eliminate free radicals, delay aging.

   Many manufacturers promote the mineral water PH to between 7.0 and 8.0, between the true value of water weakly alkaline, the bodys internal pH can be balanced, so that the body is more health, household net water is there PH value of regulation, allowing family from acidic water damage.


   2, the role of water purifier - Filter function ergonomic standards

   water purifier filter function is mainly reflected in the permanent electrical resistance, far-infrared effects, high-quality fiber filter, microcrystalline carbon composite fluid fast deliveryDown decomposition, high energy chemical and biological ceramic nano five aspects.

   electrically Yong: a sub-nanometer activity has two important physical properties, i.e., piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties, it can quickly perceive changes in ambient temperature and pressure and the like, are sub-activity of these subtle changes in heat energy and the kinetic energy into electrical energy, the vitality of sub-nano has a permanent electrical. "Electret" of nano promoter activity can regulate the PH value and conductivity of water, weak alkaline water to partial, play without water to form a molecular chain of small molecules of water, healthy, easily absorbed.

   far infrared effect: far infrared as a medical treatment, called "light of life", the growth of the world things are related to the far infrared. Household water purifiers having a far infrared effect, and can skin, blood resonance, promote blood circulation so as to achieve, adjusting body microcirculation, expansion of the skin pores, and then sucked into the skin better nutrition, toxins, increase metabolism.

   High-quality fiber filter: due to simple water treatment, the water also tend to remain in suspension, hair and other minor contaminants, fiber filter is the filter for potent these impurities.

   microcrystalline carbon composite fluid degradation is fast: it can further remove the residual water of heavy metals, organics, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, and chloroform was double drinking water purifiers.

   Nano biochemical energetic tech ceramics: Human cells contain a large amount of water, when water flows through the high-energy biochemical ceramic, under the effect of a magnetic resonance (NMR), the original large disturbance generated water molecules bond breakage, will small molecules of water to form a dynamic, molecules arranged neatly, strong cohesion between molecules adsorption force is small, it contains high energy, the cells closest to the body of water, easily absorbed.

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