Which brand of household water softeners


   home water softeners which brand is good? Everyone not in the same view. Xiao Bian also introduce you.




the role of water is used for drinking, supplement the body of water, so there is no better sign of which home water softeners say you choose the brand, mainly to see which brand reputation, terms of sale, and so good, because of the different water machine and other household appliances, it needs to change once every few months filter, so be sure to choose a little-known brand, such as brand dealers, relatively speaking than the no-name It will be more stable. Water softeners mainly used to remove calcium and magnesium ions in water is an alkaline substance, to ensure our health water, washed with beneficial not to drink. For more knowledge about water softeners do. Lets take a look.


home water softener brand which is good


top ten brands of water softeners




(Fortune Global 500, the worlds largest household water one of processing equipment manufacturers, world-renowned brands, Kunshan EcoWater systems, Inc.)


2 3M


(founded in 1902, the United States, an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of enterprise development, global diversified technology companies, top ten brands of water softeners, 3M China Ltd.)


3 Honeywell


(the United States, the worlds brand, diversified technology and manufacturing large in 1885 multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd.)


4 beautiful Midea


(Midea Groups specialized manufacturer of water purification equipment, drinking great strength of domestic water solutions provider, Foshan Midea clear lake water purification equipment Co., Ltd.)


5 Patio


(China famous Brand, one of Chinas largest water purifier / dispenser manufacturer high-tech enterprises, the industry well-known brands, Ningbo Patio Group Co., Ltd.)


6 Hansixier


(from Germany Hansixier companies, water treatment products have excellent long Historically, the industry has a high reputation and well-knownDegree, East Lee Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)


7 open to Canature


(specializing in home water environmental technology research and development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, famous trademark in Shanghai, Shanghai Open environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd.)


8 Chanitex


(American AO Smith water Groups well-known brand home appliances, household drinking water industry leader, AO Smith (Shanghai) water treatment products Co., Ltd.)


9 Pentair Pentair


(founded in 1966, the United States, one of the leading professional water treatment equipment manufacturing company in the world, one of Americas 500 largest industrial enterprises Pentair Group)


10 Paragon Paragon


(the United States in 1988, the whole house water purifier industry leading brands, world-renowned manufacturer of water purification equipment, Paragon water purification equipment (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.)


home water softeners price


in general you can see in the market price of a home water softeners between 7000-11000, the purchase price of these devices 2000 -4000, profiteering, a lot of acquaintances to find a cheaper price.


remind you that do not have a market are imported, at most, one part is nothing more foreign brands, but also domestic. Choose their favorite after-sale protection brand.


Drinking Water Safety Tips: To install a home water softener must do


water treatment is installed according to specific community and urban water pipe may be. Normal factory water from the water plant are in line with standards. Mainly to see whether the city aging pipes, whether during transportation can cause secondary pollution, she then see whether the cell is a secondary pressurized water supply, whether there are storage tanks, storage tanks have secondary pressurized water general cleaning and disinfection is not timely, will cause secondary pollution of water.


water softener is installed mainly to see if the economic situation of families can afford to buy water softener, that if you do not buy a can buy it, it is entirely possible.


Through the above description, you must have knowledge of water softenersUnderstand it. Xiao Bian remind you, to ensure the quality and safety Please note that the removal of harmful substances in the work, the specific operation to focus on stations it.




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