Water industry to achieve a new leap must break throughhree

  In recent years, a substantial increase in the quality of life, the health of drinking water is also increasingly concerned about the water purifier more and more attention of consumers, it is increasingly popular. Water purifier originated in the early 1980s the United States, the 1990s began to enter the water purifier our country, but because of some problems this market, resulting in market penetration is not very high, has yet to become a widely recognized consumer healthy way of drinking water.

   However, the development of water purification industry is in Disorder brutal development, the future, the water industry to achieve a new leap forward, we must break through three major problems.


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   First, the standard: the prevalence of counterfeit products

   Champoux consulting appliance industry analyst pointed out: the current status of our water purifier industry is the popularity of water purifier low product variety, the prevalence of counterfeit products. Survey: Our water purifier penetration rate in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, were 15%, 18%, 10%, 8.5% and lower penetration mainland cities. The main cause of the low penetration of consumer product quality and functionality issues afraid, worried about after-sales service can not keep up, there are concerns about the problem of filter replacement, which resulted in low penetration embarrassing situation. The water purifier on the market variety, so that consumers have no choice; the other is status quo: At present, China water purifier business over 3000, but only a few companies have health bureau approval, which led to no technical strength and innovation the ability of small businesses, can only be modeled on the well-known brand, which led to shoddy on the market, as real phenomenon epidemic.

   as water purification products, water purification effect consumers are most concerned about is confused, many companies boast of their products five filters in the promotion process, the net effect is comparable to pure filtered water, and even health effects ...... but for the "purification standards", but its effect can not be measured, five or six filtration filter, by how well companies have the final say, not bound by a strict uniform standards, which also caused abnormal phenomenon of domestic water purifiers malformation, a water purification products in the tens of dollars of publicity when purifying effect reached several thousand dollars.

   in the future, to develop a unified standard water purification industry will become more urgent.

   Second, the technology: security guards life engineering

   of the water purifier after nearly 30 years of development, has experienced a period from abroad to imitate and then to sendFair own brand of three stages, however, the field of technical innovation there are few results, according to statistics, an independent research and development capabilities and core technology is only about 5%, compared with foreign countries, a far cry from the data.

   water purification as "life project", if there is no guarantee the technology, not only from the effect of clean water, it will cause secondary pollution of drinking water. Currently on the market most of the filtration system needs to be changed regularly, PP cotton, filter film filter device to become the core component, once the quality problems, "black core" will be more of a threat to human health.

   Third, the sale: restrict coverage last hurdle

   water purifier is a long-term project, the installation is at home, not only quality assurance, but also the future of one of the main faces problem, after-sales can not keep up, the consumers home water purifier only can not protect the health of the water, but also a source of contamination.

   domestic water purifier penetration rate of less than 4%, compared to 90 percent of foreign penetration far, and with the opening up of rural water purifier market in the future, after-sales will be the most critical issue . Currently, many manufacturers take in the process of sale as a propaganda slogan, reflecting the phenomenon of the current lack of after-sales market, as well as future thirty-four sinking dramatically increase market penetration, are inseparable from the sale solve the problem.

   in the future the growing popularity of water purifiers, water purifiers to maintain the annual growth rate of more than 40% growth, such as the water industry is not "self-purification", the industry will remain difficult to achieve substantial development.

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