Water purifier maintenance manual has it is not afraid of fl

   household water purifiers in the purchase of products not once and for all, the same need to make post-maintenance and cleaning in order to ensure good water purification effect, to avoid the situation of secondary contamination. Household water purifiers maintenance is not a cumbersome process, but it is easy to misunderstand. Now to tell you how to care for your home water purification equipment.

   initial installation and maintenance tips

   after installation do not move freely

   Some users in the use of the product, where the need to put the water to move where household water purifiers, not move several product not water, this is because the internal household water purifiers various parts are linked by a joint, often move may cause internal damage to each home water purifier accessories, so that the machine can not operate.

   not to deliberately change the machine

   configuration of net water and household water purifiers daily pressure tank is directly related to pressure barrels stored water is used for water purification in the use of the product process, we must be careful not to over-household water purifiers and drinking water production can only meet part of their family. Do not feel too little water production due to deliberately change the machine.

   Different filters and permeable membrane life, it is noted

   Household water purification filter in multiple stages and a permeable membrane, and a permeable membrane filter lifetime is different. Filter life between 3-12 months, and permeable membranes lifespan in 1-- 2 years. If you find the process of using the product more and more turbid water production, and after cleaning the filter or permeable membrane is still the same, it would be to replace the filter or on behalf of a permeable membrane.

   fear of exposure and cold water purifier

   Chinas vast territory, north and south latitude across relatively large, too large temperature difference between summer and winter, the northern winter cold, summer heat south, water purifier is not suitable for installation outdoors, water purifier summer to aging under the scorching sun exposure, the internal temperature is too low water freezes in the winter, can cause damage to the water purifier, water purifier suitable place to install it in a cool room can not be too close to a heat source .

   the water purifier is not used for a long time kept hidden

   If the two three days without the use of water purifier, purifier water inside the water purifier is not used for a long time requires flush water purifier, bacteria exceeded, the need for water purifier to wash, and then replaced with fresh water safer to use, exercise regularly and rinseGood habits water purifier.

   timely replacement of the filter element

   the water purifier filter life depends on a variety of raw water quality and water, if the raw water quality is poor, it will shorten the life of the filter element, water is too large also affect filter life. In use for some time, if found significant deterioration of taste, or water yield significantly smaller, generally speaking, it is a filter should be replaced.

   to be noted that the water pressure

   water pressure will suddenly large and small water hammer phenomenon, excessive instantaneous pressure water purifier easily damage the inner member, so that when installing a water purifier may be installed pre-purifier special valve, or in a case where a short time out of the water purifier is not used, it is necessary to close the inlet valve, so that pressure shocks from the water purifier, a water purifier which can extend the life of .

   water purification equipment installation of the valve indispensable

   lack of these valves, water purification equipment Fortunately, no problem, a problem in big trouble. Had just closed the corresponding valve equipment to repair the problem, the absence of a corresponding valve can only be comprehensive without water service. Also causing homes without water also increases the difficulty of repair, so the small series to remind install home water purification equipment must look not installed valve.

   failure to timely water purification process

   When the water purifier failure Turn off inlet valve, water cut, and then disconnect the power, call the sales staff, sales personnel will come for you to solve the problem, is professional home water purifier filtration equipment, the structure is more complex, their own free disassembly easy to leak, leakage, or even accidents can happen, so problems need for a professional home maintenance debugging.

   water purifier in water to keep us safe, we should also pay attention to maintain it, oh, good water use habits and proper maintenance can make the water purifier to better protect our water security.

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