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Su owner lives scholarly Wah cells purchased a water purifier. Unexpectedly, less than 20 hours, installed in the corridor between public water purifier outfall pipe to crack closure, because the incident at midnight, more than 20 tons of water down the stairwell steady stream flowed from the ninth floor of the basement . Property said the run serious water loss, multi-family home owners were soaked, two elevators outage, only one elevator maintenance fees as high as 32,000 yuan. On the issue of compensation, distributors and manufacturers uncompromising. Experts point out that part of the installation of water purifiers ultrafiltration communal pipe ban.


water purifier outfall cover is a hole collapse


Su said, long ago, he bought a Dr. Shenzhen water purifier brand from a dealer, water purifier installed the next day at midnight, a sudden collapse of the sewage outfall cover open, like a river, flooded two elevators, the downstairs neighbors also have been a calamity. "Only the elevator maintenance is necessary to thirty thousand yuan, as well as the loss of the neighbors." He says with resignation, and afterwards, he found a water purifier manufacturers and distributors, the other said no liability. "I think the machine itself is a security technology risks, losses made me a bear, an unreasonable!"


yesterday afternoon, Mr. Su channel outside the home, open the door between the public pipeline, the reporter saw the leakage accident culprit - his familys central water purifiers. In the narrow space between the pipes in public, there are a few water supply pipeline, central water purifier to be installed on the pipe leading to the Su family. At this time, water purifiers external environment is still covered with water drops.


According to Mr. Su recalled that at 5:00 on July 21, property officer knocked on the door of his home, told his family leaking pipes. He looked out the door found the corridor, stairs and elevators are all water, communal pipes is filled with water, and kept to spill.


"I noticed a water purifier plugs cracked outfall, was also a big hole collapse." Su said, led to his surprise, "this plug, I got my hands a look inside turned out to be plastic, coated with a layer of metallic paint outside. I live in the 9th floor, and large water pressure at night, how can ordinary plastic drain valve had to bear, no wonder collapse. "Mr. Su immediately got dealer service , but two successive drain valve original crack are screwed in the installation process, but under only buy a copper auto drain valve, this water is stopped.


Afterward, the reporter went negative layer with Mr. Su basement. After a lapse of two weeksAt this time the ground is still wet. Mr. Su said, pointing to the wall, there was half a foot deep water, "my wife and I had a busy morning, about seventy to eighty barrels mention just managed to clean out the basement and clean water." Mr. So sorry to neighbors It caused a loss.


Reporters came to the unit a few households flooded residents of the home. 2 floor Miss Gu told reporters that at 4:00 on July 21 and more, she and her family were "buzzing" awakened by the sound of water, a look down the front of the roof being water, they must notify the property. On the eighth floor of the owners, said she received notice the property and found the corridor really is water, but fortunately under the door of her home with cement worn tightly, not bring disaster to the family of wood flooring.


Property: Elevator maintenance fees as high as 32,000 yuan a


in residential property office, segment manager told reporters that the loss caused by the leakage is very serious, "the first floor to the ninth floor several said the family proprietors are reflected into the water, filling the basement was also, at that time two elevators will not run. "in order to prevent accidents, property owners immediately sent notice downstairs immediately closed home appliances," we hasten to lift put in the water, from other parts of the emergency a batch of parts replaced, which makes this an elevator to resume operation. "


this statement, the reporter from the mouth Jia master on duty was also confirmed . Jia master recalled that at 2:30 on the 21st, he received a 202 call from the owner saying corridor leaks, and after two hours of emergency investigation, he was determined to be the home of Su problem. "Water ran too much, the same as the Water Curtain Cave." He then closed the main valve and notified the victim Mr. Su. Section manager, said the incident the next day, the property to repair the elevator manufacturers. Reporters saw the elevator repair price list shows the need to replace the display board inside the car, weighing electronic version, AT120 door, the car terminal version, screens, motor outside the door call display panels and other seven parts, totaling 32,000 yuan .


He said owners to install water purifiers in the pipe between the public did not greet with property belonging to secretly install, they have not yet found the other owners to do so.



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