Three steps to clean the water hearo exndhlife

   electric water heater is one of essential household appliances now, it is convenient life, can continue to provide hot water. Then, late in the electric water heater to use, how we do it clean? Cleaning method has three steps.



   Step three

to extend the life of the cleaning water heater (picture from the network)

   The first step in the cleaning method heaters

   first, the power plug is not plugged in the electric water heater, and closes the inlet valve; then unscrew the valve at the bottom of the water heater, the electric heater internal drained water and precipitate. Then open the inlet valve, the washing water heater with tap water for 30 seconds, and then close the inlet valve, the water inside the water heater and the like again drained, the inlet valve is opened again, rinsed with tap water heater for 30 seconds (total of two ), the cleaning process do not block the water heater outlet.

   Step heaters cleaning method


   After cleaning, the electric heater and then switch to restore the original position. Open the inlet valve, after the electric heater filled with water, heated to a maximum temperature power (the maximum temperature thermostat transferred, and heated to automatically jump). Again disconnect the power from the heater power plug socket, close the inlet valve, take a bucket placed beneath the water heater, the electric carefully unscrew the valve at the bottom of the water heater (Note: to prevent burns), internal electrical discharge hot water heaters do water.

   The third method of cleaning the water heater step

   by the above method and then rinsed with tap water heater for 30 seconds (total of two). The main purpose of heating the object using the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, dirt is easier to remove the scale and the water heater electric heating tube surface. At this point, the entire cleaning is completed.

   need more than just three simple steps, you can give the home electric water heater, "take a bath", but every piece of electrical appliances that we need to conserve, life will be so used longer Oh!

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