Prone to cause long-term drinking water ctai antibiotic resi

  Prone to cause long-term drinking water containing antibiotic resistance Author: Tim net water purification Views: 288 Date: 2019-5-8 15:15:57 Recently, CCTV reported that the Huangpu River, Yangtze River, Pearl River antibiotics are detected, Zhujiang Guangzhou severely affected. Even in Nanjing residents of the homes tap water also has detected two antibiotics, amoxicillin concentration detected was 8 ng / liter. So, this drinking water containing antibiotics impact on human health? 姘翠腑鍚姉鐢熺礌闀挎湡楗敤鏄撹嚧鑰愯嵂 no national standards for monitoring antibiotic "water contains antibiotics," the news came out, microblogging has become a hot topic: "? Tap water containing amoxicillin, do you dare to drink" However, amoxicillin detected in tap water What concentration of 8 ng / l really mean it? Microblogging certified as "director of the Jiangsu Environmental Information Center" Ho Silver Spring on the microblogging said water detected antibiotics 8 ng / L, 1 g ng = 1 billion, according to the general drink two liters a day per person, that person drinking about 750 liters of water per year. I.e., it takes 10 years, such as 100,000 tons of water to drink, eat only one equivalent of 0.5 grams of antibiotic pills. "This is an estimate only, not science, regarded as a science, in order to let people see more clearly." Chun Ho Silver said in an interview. It is understood that several major national base of antibiotics is the main cause of antibiotic wastewater treatment of sewage water river exceeded. CCTV reporter survey found that the presence of sewage and other waste-water treatment Jining City, Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Company Limited, the sewage water on the outer antibiotic content of 53,000 ng / liter, while the plant is one of the four antibiotics factory . Why is difficult to avoid the presence of antibiotics in the water? Nanjing Eaux propaganda department official responded that, although the process water is completely in accordance with national standards, and the current water quality fully meet the state standards, but the 106 national indicators of drinking water quality standards, does not contain antibiotics the monitoring indicators. This also means that, even if excessive antibiotic tap water, water quality standards under the existing detection system, it is difficult to find. Long-term consumption of lead to bacterial resistance Zhongshan University Master of Science in medicine, clinical pharmacists Fang Jian pointed out that, in fact, antibiotics, sewage no longer a new thing, "through the ancient, detection Sovereigns and Five Emperors of drinking water, will be detected antibiotics, but the number is very low, because nature present in some species of bacteria in the soilTrace class itself may be synthesized antibiotics, such as streptomycin and other actinomycetes. "However, in our current environment, the antibiotics in water comes mainly from industrial wastewater antibiotics, antibiotics, medical (hospitals and home use of antibiotics) and veterinary antibiotics. Antibiotics industrial waste is the focus of this CCTV News survey, in fact, pollutant emissions from large pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, the difficulty of governance of higher long-standing problem. antibiotic biological wastewater treatment consumption need to use, and this process consumes huge economic costs, so companies tend to take risks, illegal illegal discharge of sewage antibiotics. Fang Jian noted that the effects of antibiotics on healthy sewage mainly through drinking water ways, so the problem of antibiotic contamination is exactly what we are most worried about the presence of tap water. "purely from the point of view of drinking water concentration, trace of antibiotics not enough to threaten health, but long-term drinking water antibiotics , resulting in a low dose uptake mechanism of bacterial antibiotic resistance genes it is produced, particularly for children and infants. "Fang Jian reminded that if the presence of an antibiotic resistance gene and drinking water, once these resistance genes passed to pathogens in drinking water of bacteria mutate (ie, the so-called superbugs, will lead to infected people, and even infection disease outbreaks) "Although antibiotics sewage not immediately lead to human illness, but it is undoubtedly a potential enemy of human health. "

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