Water purification industry competion fierce accelaund entpr

   water purifier home more and more fierce veteran water purification companies and new entrants into the household electrical appliance enterprises compete. When will they compete to see the outcome? In response, Beijing Origin Water Purification Technology Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Liang Hui expressed his point of view.

   With revenue enhancement, upgrade, consumer awareness, peoples growing health needs, but on the other hand, Chinas water quality is increasingly being taken seriously, in this case, the rapid development of the water industry and get everyones attention. Whether or segments from the point of view of household water purifiers, water purification industry market size have formed from the sewage treatment industries.

   "Maybe that is the size of 10 billion five years ago this market, similar to last year should be 50 billion, and I think the next 35 years this market will reach 100 billion." September 26, the clean water source the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail Beijing-Guangzhou episode title and the signing ceremony, Beijing origin Water purification Technology Co., Ltd. Vice Chairman Liang Hui said so to the "daily Economic News" reporter.



   fierce competition in the industry to accelerate the reshuffle

   Liang Hui believes no doubt that people outside the industry generally optimistic about the development of the water industry, as this industry related to drinking water health problems of residents, and the health industry has been a sunrise industry.

   Investment Adviser Industry Research Center pointed out that the market size of the industry five-year compound growth rate of not less than 30%; and according to the Institute for Business industry forecasts that by 2020, China water purifier market in urban households in up to 35% penetration, the corresponding stock holdings of about 94 million units, household water purifier market capacity will reach 128 billion yuan.

   On the one hand the industry is in rapid development, on the other hand there are many problems water purification market. Liang Hui said, now the industry there are still problems in the previous decade: the lack of uniform standards, consumer lack of a unified understanding of each other under the competition among enterprises is often made out of things is not necessarily the consumer needs, market vicious competition.

   According to the survey data show that as of 2015, domestic water purifier brand has exceeded 4000, but Wei Planning Commission holds the relevant approvals of the water purifier business is only about 1200. Some small businesses qualification incomplete, there is no guarantee after-sales service, technical plagiarism is serious, leading to price and quality of the water purifier market is uneven, and in recent years,With the introduction and improvement of national policies, such as "water efficiency leader action plan", "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit" and other documents have been issued, the chaos of the water industry regulation play the role of industry reshuffle stage.

   "I think it is in the shuffle, the whole melee phase has passed, and now many big brands the industry has gradually shuffle, clean water sources are also a number of ways, such as through all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, to make some moves on the industry, but the results shuffle to wait two or three years to see the outcome. "Liang Hui told reporters.

   Under-tier enterprises to seize the market

   combined with "Thirteen Five-Year Plan" of the environmental protection industry layout and attention to the development of water purification industry will usher in a golden age, coupled with the penetration of the consumer to upgrade, net water market is becoming the main battlefield of major companies compete. Guotai Junan Securities believes that the industry has formed three camps, are the first camp A.O. Smith, United States, Patio, led by; to Ho Chak, clean water source, nine positive as the second camp; Gree, TCL and other third camp.

   In this regard, Liang Hui also admitted that the clean water source in the second echelon can be said to be at the forefront. 100 billion in market size, there will be accounting for more than 20% of the market share, the scale of 20 billion business stand out. Although there is not clean water source into the first tier, but will fight.

   "Daily News" reporter noted that around the water industry and the development of shuffling, all the major companies in many ways the product, brand, channel, price and other market share. As early as 2014, open to environmental protection has been actively promoting its channel construction, overseas marketing and distribution network to broaden sales channels, increase marketing efforts. The title of this clean water source high-speed rail, but also actively expand the channels, to create brand.

   and the United States as a comprehensive home appliance brand, channel resources richer, more advantage in the market segments of household water purifiers. Its long-term cooperation with hypermarkets and so on, have a greater advantage in terms of after-sales service, and as a home water purifier need professionals to participate in the installation, maintenance, replacement of electrical products, its after-sales service channels is particularly important.

   "But the big brands are not necessarily every link can be done well, small appliances such as the United States is well, sometimes better chance of professional and consumer areas, professional business better recognized." Liang Hui this analysis.

   In addition, the industry is still the core of barriers and technology. Hui beam Gree example, heating and air conditioning and refrigeration appliance attribute is not associated with large core technology associated. Patent application, can reflect the situation of technological innovation. Ping An Securities Research Institute released the "Current Patent of drinking fountains and water purifiers comparative analysis" shows, Midea, Gree, Patio water purifier related patent applications were about 70.

   Ping An Securities pointed out that whether it is deep in the water purification industry for many years in old business, or have just recently started to engage in traditional household electrical appliance enterprises in the field of water purification, all with their own background and the advantages of their own way, intense competition, the industry has not yet to form a stable competitive landscape. Around the water purifier market reshuffle under way as to how to shuffle the result, perhaps as Liang Hui, the next two to three years to see the outcome.

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