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   the concept of healthy living, consumer requirements for water quality gradually improved, water purifier which also received a high growth, but there will always be a bottleneck. Recently, Orville cloud network release water purification industry semi-annual report, the data show, water purifier market size 2019H1 13.83 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%. From the growth point of view, the bottleneck has emerged.

   Orville cloud network also noted that the current water purifier base has been relatively high, the national penetration rate of nearly 20% in some second-tier cities penetration rate has reached 30%, due to water pollution caused by health concerns bonus gradually weakened.

   As the water purifier market bottlenecks, coupled with sinking market needs to cultivate a long time, this state will make the competition between water purifier market brand further.

   Data from Orville cloud network also pointed out that large flux, low waste, small size and intelligence has become the development trend of water purification products.

   At present more comprehensive sort of beauty X400Smart, and find a higher ranking with the price of the product by comparing the current water purification products which features a simple understanding of the technical direction, and the other two products are Qin Park beluga whales S400 and millet water purifier 600G.


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   United States X400Smart: patented filter + App monitor

   United States X400Smart with a large flux design 400G of water rate of 1.0L / min, US patent allegedly filter using five membrane pages technology PAC composite triple filter, waste water ratio 2: 1.

   Functionally, the product is equipped with a monitoring App, you can see water through the filter life and App, and real-time monitoring of water quality at home. There faucet light ring cue to loop through the lamp color filter life.

   16cm relatively slim design is theoretically possible to save space in a small kitchen area families will not cause too much burden.

   Patio white whale S400: a water efficiency slim design +

   United States and approximately X400Smart, Patio white whale S400 also uses a large flux 400G design, the water speed for the 1.0L / min. The product was filtered using a five three-core design, while the filter cartridge takenWith the long-term design, aimed at reducing the frequency for the core. In terms of efficiency of water, the product meets the standards a national water efficiency, greater than or equal to 60% water efficiency.

   function, the product also has App monitoring function, learn by App filter life and water, but also to monitor water quality in the home, the flushing operation may also be performed through App. However, the product is part of the faucet without prompting.

   The product is relatively thin and light in appearance, 14cm design can take care of more families.

   millet purifier 600G: cost-effective large flux +

   millet strong brand attributes as cost, the price of using the large flux 600G also reflected. In standard mode 1.4L / min also embodies the advantages of large flux. Design uses a four-filtered wastewater ratio of 2: 1.

   In terms of functionality, the product also supports control App, App can monitor water quality and water consumption in homes, suggesting filter life, and a cartridge support single key. A lamp ring faucet tips, tips color by light ring and filter life operating state.

   Because millet water purifier 600G large flux of design, is also relatively larger in terms of volume, but also the width of 20.5cm of space relative to the family will bring more challenges.

   water purifier market, competition between brands will be more intense. As can be seen from the three products, high-throughput and intelligence aspects of competition is more anxious, three products are equipped with App operation. Future, water purification products needed to create a more differentiated features, in order to respond to market challenges next, be combined with heating or cooling dispenser could become a development direction of them.

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