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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, the market environment changes in large Li Yuen water purifier manufacturer reminder to the flow; Li Kang source of household water purifier sales channels summarize what way. Here, the Chinese water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (6 29 - July 5) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   big changes in the market environment, Li Yuen water purifier manufacturer reminder to the flow

   Now, water purifier market ushered in a sea of 鈥嬧€媌lue, competition among manufacturers of water purification has become even more heated up. The survival of enterprises is inseparable from the market environment, however, things are not static, the market environment is the same. The face of the changing market environment, water purifier manufacturers should make timely changes in strategy and the development of relevant policies, the only way companies can not be eliminated by the market, in order to have new opportunities in the development and change in. [Click for more]

   established sales channels Cogent summary way home water purifier which

   before choosing a home water purifier industry, I am sure you have considered a good proxy dealers on how to carry out the net water heater sales, also has a bright future smell of a home water purifier industry. According to national statistics, now it has more than 5,000 water purifier enterprises, output value of over thirty billion yuan, and maintain over 40% annual growth rate, the Chinese home appliance industry last bucket of water "gold industry." [Click for more]

   the net to make believe perfect service system is the direction of the water purifier breakthrough

   Chinas current water purifier manufacturers have more than 4,000, including both industry for many years of hard work professional firms, also have a strong powerful integrated appliance manufacturers, as well as cross-border test the water of IT and Internet companies. Various forces converge, making the water purifier market crowded. However, compared with the professional water purifier manufacturers, product categories and single service model is a comprehensive household electrical appliance enterprises are still the soft underbelly. [Click for more]

   survey data for electronic business platform of pure water and water purifier

   recent major electricity supplier platform for water purification products conducted a survey data, in which the pure poor water dispenser and water purifier for a detailed finishing, figured out why the bad review and share their accounts of these data, we found that the difference in assessment focused onFor product quality, water effects and after-sales service in these areas, the proportion of businesses Poor price fluctuations caused by too great. [Click for more]

   Han Peisi water purifier summary agents develop the market to avoid misunderstanding

   development of the market is that each water purification agents to join in the development process essential to a term work, due to the different agents franchisee knowledge of the market, limit the experience of the developed market entry errors, leading to a lot of problems in the development of new markets, new market development will be a market made of half-cooked, water purification agents franchisee waste of manpower, material and financial resources do not say, the final effect on the market is indeed unsatisfactory, then the franchisee as a proxy for the development of a new market, what are errors, how to avoid it? [click for more]

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