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   in recent years, the health of the rising importance of drinking water, the placement of every household water purifiers, water purification effect is good or bad, is critical filter, filter water purifier is like the "heart" .

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   However, not with the water purifier once and for all, it is also a life, water purifiers also require maintenance, such as replacing the filter. Filter replacement is not timely, equal to the white water purifier installed! Extended service capability of the filter treatment of pollutants in the water will gradually weaken, if not replaced, water purification effect will not achieve the desired requirements, and shorten the life of the water purifier.

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   See here, you would be willing to continue to use at home N years without replacement filter water purifier it?

   cartridge expires, what impact?

   1: filtering effect reduce the impact of health

   the first reaction cartridge expiration is blocked, clogged filter will reduce the water flow, filter less effective, resulting in clean water "clean" reduce the degree of, not only that, filter will absorb large amounts of organic matter, can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, extended filter can cause water pollution, drinking straight at this time, it would be some harmful impurities absorbed in the human body, cause harm to humans.

   2: Effect of filtration capacity of water purification equipment life

   Any water purifier cartridge is a limit. When the filter reaches a saturation point would have to be replaced, it is more important to not waste outlet for the water purifier, otherwise, the outflow of water from the water purifier will be even more pollution, not as good as tap waterIt. Therefore, the more the need for regular water purifier filter replacement. A long time without change the filter, run water purifier will become dull, more a threat to life and health, which will shorten the life of the water purifier.

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   In fact, home water purifier filter life and local water quality and water consumption is also closely related to general areas with good water quality longer filter life, whereas in the industrial heartland, more polluting area, shorter filter life, consumers need timely replacement water purifier filter.

   recommend water purifier filter replacement cycle:

   PP cotton filter: 3-6 months period of use

   granular activated carbon filter: 6-12 months period of use [123 ]

   activated carbon compressibility: 6-12 months period of use

   RO RO membrane: 36 months period of use

   different purification techniques and filtration process cartridge have different features and life, water purifier (water purifier) 鈥嬧€媐ilter cartridge is a consumable, has a limited life, real life also depends on local water quality and quantity and frequency of use, rinse often help to extend water purifier filter cartridge life.

   partners, but do not underestimate the problem of replacing the water filter cartridge, installed a water purifier that everything will be fine oh we can not only choose from the source to the net more user-friendly design and a better filter net effect water heater, but also remember to update the filter, so as to better protect the safety of drinking water family Oh.

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