QOOWA start sharing clean water projects help build a new re

   May 12, QOOWA held a "shared water purification Heyuan city operations start" long press conference in Hong 101 Fashion Square Garden. The conference officially announced by the Guangdong-Hong Industrial Group, Heyuan supply and gold dress, Shenzhen QOOWA preferred joint investment of 50 million yuan to build a "new community retail benchmark national demonstration city" project officially landed in Heyuan. Heyuan City department heads, project cooperation on behalf of the company, the major mainstream media, Heyuan citizens and other guests to visit the site, witnessed the QOOWA shared water purification project operation start-cum-first devices to run.

   At the national advocate for supply-side structural reforms to promote consumption upgrade, Heyuan, Guangdong, Hong Kong to build large Bay Area northeast of the city core era background, cool frog not only committed to providing high-performance water purification equipment for residents more leading technology innovation to bring more convenient and healthy lifestyle. Heyuan in the building with each passing day, residents disposable income continued to grow in the larger environment, QOOWA using its own solid in the field of water purification technology accumulation, adhering to the residents of the home environment to enhance the concept of health, QOOWA preferably as a new retail business community vanguard, leading and creating a "shared water purification new retail community," the new realm.


   Heyuan City Youth League deputy secretary Tu speech

   "to enhance the efficiency of the retail industry, allowing residents to enjoy technological innovations to bring more convenient and healthy life, cool frog is always preferable to pursue the dream. "QOOWA preferably chairman Scalp said," from its inception the company, QOOWA continue to invest forty million R & D funding, painstaking research of traditional retail sectors pain points difficulties, associated with the optimization of new retail community thousands of nodes, the successful development of new retail system platform level QOOWA preferred share water purification equipment and management systems. "


   QOOWA Electric CEO Mr. Liu

   [ 123] QOOWA company CEO Liu also introduced the QOOWA preferred important function, first QOOWA preferably for families unlimited, low-cost or even no-cost household water purification services; secondly, the country preferred QOOWA first "community-based online trading market," garden residential property owners can upload and sell arts and crafts, specialty foods, home and other specialty products in QOOWA preferred platform; most noteworthy is the local high-quality goods cool frog preferred service, QOOWA preferred opened in every operation and maintenance of the city, the establishment of local high-quality health products, personalized quality serviceSearch team, using the "community program" form a local supply chain, both for the users preferred the quality of local consumption targets, and provide a broader marketing platform for quality local businesses.


   leading guests shared jointly launched water purification project

   After QOOWA preferred share water purification project, the project announced the launch. Cool frog and Chang Hong Group, supply and marketing leadership related to golden dress formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the first batch of share and open water purification product launch. Fortunate enough to get the first batch of water purification product experience guests, came to power received a cool frog KUWOW-T1 shared water purification equipment, along with the atmosphere reached a climax.


   QOOWA Electric signed with Chang Hong Group, a strategic cooperation agreement


   QOOWA Electric & Supply gold dress signed a strategic cooperation agreement

   shared a home water purifier turned the direction of healthy drinking water, this innovative model will affect every aspect of life of the residents of the community, it is foreseeable that the future will be a neighborhood exchange, exchange of resources sharing era. Cool frog in the new era, the courage to lead, and surpass, the pursuit of excellence in the spirit admirable, but also leave the water industry more thinking, speed the development of science and technology today, how to build a harmonious neighborhood relations is an important issue . Obviously, QOOWA preferably made a positive attempt and took a firm step.

   (Source: HC purification network)

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