Water purifiers into mainstream health appliances can contue

   water purifier in China has developed more than a decade, triggered a new revolution in home drinking water, and the huge domestic market demand for the development of water purification industry to bring more opportunities and facilities, in particular 2015 and 2016, water purifier industry is developing rapidly with its current system, the current system is to drink, low cost, pure physical filtration and gradually become the mainstream of health appliances, however, after a brilliant brilliant to see whether it can continue to write this year.



   gross water purifier market cake huge

   development of the water purifier on the other hand has brought increasingly competitive, safe drinking water the importance has been recognized, will be the home water purifier necessities, straightforward point that every family needs at least one water purifier. But even so, according to relevant statistics show that domestic water purifier market in 2016 has exceeded 50 billion scale, water purifier market known as "the home appliance industry profits last piece of high ground," and some experts predict that over the next five years, water purifier industry the average annual compound growth rate will exceed 40%, still a great potential. Such a huge market cake Who does not want a piece of it?

   living standards to improve the

   With the enhancement of living standards for safe drinking water requirements of increasingly high, water purification already entered the home improvement group, the secondary extends to improve the type of decoration groups. More importantly, the standard of living, quality of life will inevitably have gone up, choose to pay more attention to product quality, water purifiers belong to a long period of large products, your subconscious would rather not overcharging, water purifier market demand of this growth.



   the main consumer of young

   With roots in the workplace 80, 90 a large number into the society, the rise of post 00, has emerged as a society as a whole kind of situation was younger, young, personality, intelligence became the moment of the latest consumer trends. Well it happens purifier stylish appearance, intelligent control, home customized in line with the xiaonianqing their taste, water purifiers will become increasingly popular.

   Whether it is a huge cake market is still improving living standards of consumers, these are clear to the market potential water purifier, as younger consumers tend clear to the general direction of the water purifier product positioning is quite success; these indicate that the water purifier business as long as based on consumer demand, product quality and service guaranteeInnovation, always assigned cake, large or small, to pay to see the product, the saying goes, pay and reward is proportional.

   It is noteworthy that, despite the explosive growth of the water industry in recent years, but the number of brands have entered the blowout period, according to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic water purifier brand has more than five thousand as much, the number of brands for many consumers, agents franchisee in terms of a good thing is a bad thing; good side is to accelerate the development of the industry through competition between brands and brand accelerate product upgrades at the same time make the product more cost-effective ; the downside is that too much current brand, in selected will dazzling, no start.

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