Water purifier on the market price analysis uneven look at t


   water pollution incident, more and more consumers choose to buy a water purifier to protect themselves and their families healthy drinking water. However, before the rise as a home water purifier of household appliances in recent years, the market price varies, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a million. Due to the lack of expertise in the consumer household water purifiers, home water purifier to buy whenever consumers are generally have such a question: How much does a water purifier in the end the price is low, people will wonder:? This water purifier is so cheap, not to mention good effect, what they are buying is not genuine it? moderate price, the price of a general, so-so use with it, but they but pursue high quality of life, besides no good cheap goods, is not should no longer buy expensive little better arrangement? high prices, I do being taken advantage of, not mind the taste. Expensive, is not it a disadvantage? In this small series analysis of household water purifiers reasonable price for you.

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   First, there is the risk of low-cost

   low price but with the same functionality of water purification products, usually because of the following kinds of reasons:

   1, the water purifier brand in order to open the market, and the means to take small profits.

   2, the water purifier small workshop production. Small workshop production of water purifiers generally do not handle the relevant license plate, omitted a lot of vain, direct sales to consumers, resulting in a relatively inexpensive service products insecurity.

   3, "factory outlets", said here is not a true factory direct factory outlets, but some people do not know what approach to use to get the number of defective products directly from manufacturers there, and then into the cell sales , openly branded factory direct supply the name. This class water purifier factory price is generally not high, so such products is very low, no sale of such products.

   Second, the price of the more peace of mind

   price moderate water purifiers are generally more popular, mass selection can be called "mainstream", since generally recognized by the public, that it can exist falsity the probability is extremely small. Since different brands have different functions of water purification, household water purifiers moderate prices vary substantially between 2000-5000. So for the average household water purifiers, the small series recommended price of 3,000 yuan is good, do not worry too cheap, too expensive nor too necessary value, unless it is notCare about money with five or six thousand, then, the average family is more practical and down 3,000 yuan.

   Third, the high prices for the central

   the high price of water purifiers: a powerful, high price of water purifiers generally central water, central water purifier can solve the whole house water purification whole such as drinking, bathing, washing vegetables, cooking and many other issues, the effectiveness of excellence in clean water, water purification system processes, easy operation, ideal for todays society, home, office, villas, hotels, restaurants, a full set of clean water . Central water purifiers generally cost about one million, have certain use and maintenance costs.

   Finally, it is recommended, consumers choose household water purification products must not choose too cheap products. Water purification products you pay for, the saying goes, no good cheap goods, in the water purification industry is indeed the case.

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