-Water ten- affect pending consideration by the S Council ex

   haze and pollution always affects the nerves of people, in September 2013, the State Council issued "Atmospheric ten", mainly for haze, urged to improve air quality. Currently, water pollution control is also imminent, it is learned, the environmental protection industry has touched the heartstrings of "water ten" is also pending consideration of the State Council and look forward to this initiative can effectively curb water pollution, clean water back to peoples health.

   November 27, 2014, an environmental ministry official in an interview with reporters said that the current "water ten" has been completed ministries countersigned, waiting for the State Council executive meeting to consider the present situation, "water ten" will as soon as possible.

   "Water is one of ten key planning work of the Ministry of Environmental Protection this year, once implemented, the total investment is expected to drive more than two trillion yuan, will have a major impact on investment in existing water market." A sources close to the Ministry of environmental Protection indicate.

   In response, industry analysts predicted that, after "Water 10" was announced, if only consider the key areas of wastewater treatment plant in three years to complete the transformation, unit investment by "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" an average of about 525 yuan / t estimate, the annual investment needs, or up to 10.8 billion yuan.

   "in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national action plan for the forthcoming water pollution control, give full play to the market mechanism, promote multi-financing, to accelerate the implementation of the comprehensive management of water environment." Inspector of the National Development and Reform Commission Secretary Wang Xinhuai area in the November 26 "key areas of investment and financing on innovative mechanisms to encourage social investment guidance" indicates that the press conference.

   For "Water 10" The idea is to disclose the information currently "grasping both ends, with the middle", one refers to grasp the quality of drinking water sources such as better water quality to ensure water quality does not drop, no degradation; the other side is bad for the already heavily polluted water body, especially the affected people and more public attention to black-odor water high, determined to govern, substantially reduced or even wiped out; the body is generally driven by the middle of the water by the two heads water pollution control.

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