Such a beautiful electric water purifier business entpse why

   At present, the domestic electricity supplier can be said to shine, shine. Consumers from the original single market through a network of channels to diversify, with Taobao Lynx and other "double 11" success "Double Twelve" Shopping Festival launched to promote all walks of life have gathered to look into e-commerce . Of course, the water purifier business is no exception.




so beautiful why the electricity supplier of water purification business "bittersweet."

   water purification company business development windward photoelectric hinder more than

   The new water purifier industry for businesses, e-commerce piece of "meat and potatoes" looked not so good bite. Water purifier as "semi-finished", with peoples lives, deciding to rely on the Internet if only just a few pictures, and wanted to attract the next family of online shopping to buy water purifier, it is not easy. And as the consumer market into the rational, always pay attention to user experience, seeing is believing emphasis on water home appliance products, so that the network has had increasingly weak consumer advantage, even if occasional consumption can contribute to a range of issues, such as after-sales is also placed in the the biggest obstacle in front of the water purifier business.

   water purifier business have to fumble in the previous line

   some traditional manufacturers entering the network, for online shoppers spending habits do not understand, how to attract traffic, how to display product images, how to shop training, how will online orders smoothly into production, enterprises are constantly exploring was before the line. In addition, the traditional water purifier manufacturers, the network will be faced with how to combine orders and factory production, how to re-plan the distribution network, how to understand and serve the good of online shoppers and many other problems.

   Although the electricity supplier scenery water purification companies need to consider the

   Currently e-commerce industry has not really mature, there are still a lot of chaos in the competition, relevant industry specifications and standards have not been established, they will be disorderly competition, even vicious competition and other issues affecting the entire water purification industrys future development. The face of such a wave of e-commerce surging, water purifier business first thing to consider is how to make the form online and offline complement the strengths of the two parties to maximize as much as possible, while minimizing the party over the other party influence the formation of distinct differences in management.

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