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  What is the role of the pre-filter is installed? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 310 Published: 2018-11-15 11:21:07 What is the role of the pre-filter is installed? That is why the installation of pre-filter water purifier? When tap water by households secondary pollution, can carry large debris such as hair, sand, etc., so they not only affect water quality in the water, but also very easy to plug us into the water pipes. Prefilter entire water purification system is installed in the forefront, he prefilter screen size impurities. So as a first step in the whole house water purification system, pre-filter in the end there is no use? Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone go into the details of the three pre-filter installation benefits! A lot of urban water supply pipeline transportation of secondary pollutants filtered water pipeline generated because of disrepair, there will be a lot of internal pipeline corrosion, sediment and other pollutants. And since the pipe is very long, so the water will flow through the contaminated, such contamination is referred to as "secondary pollution." The filtration accuracy of 5-100 m pre-filter, capable of filtering impurities to the naked eye, such as sand, rust, etc., so that when the condition of the water back to the factory. Second, soften water, prevent scale, in order to reduce the risk of corrosion for you the consumer, the scale problem is also going to deal with the essential issues. The main components of the scale are calcium and magnesium, and similar food, water, boiler water and other appliances to be heated particularly pronounced fouling problems, can be avoided and the pre-filter binding calcium and magnesium ions and carbonate ions, serves to reduce scale effect occurs may prolong the life of water appliances. Third, as the pre-pre-processor for pre-purifier using a general water purifier used preprocessor is selected PP cotton (raw materials for polyester fibers, can filter impurities in tap water, widely used in clothing, Spewing and water purification equipment), and PP cotton needs often change, and there is no backwash function. While the front water purifier can effectively filter out impurities in tap water and suspended solids to reduce the load PP cotton, cotton disentangle prolong the service life of PP, functioned as a pre-processor pre-purification. Through the above three advantages introduced, we can clearly understand why you want to install a pre-filter water purifier. Prefilter entire home water purification system is an integral part of a ring. Not only can prevent secondary pollution, reduce the risk of corrosion, but also can be used as pre-preprocessing home water purification systemProcessor, extend the life of other water purification system, it can be said to be a multi-use, high cost. So the role of the prefilter is still very large, his role in the whole house water purification system is essential.

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