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  Not long to replace the filter? You might as well not have a water purifier! Author: Tim net water purification Views: 272 Published: 2018-11-3 10:27:58 small series have a friend, buy a water purifier more than 2 years, recently asked him if he replaced the filter, he looked surprised look at me: you can not say it in 10 years? But also to change the filter? In the industrys conscience and responsible attitude of a friend, I immediately went to his house, apart of that spent more than two years water purifier, after friends to see, from the goose bumps. I warned him solemnly: water purifier replacement filter for long periods, it would be better without water purifier! He says with exasperation, the sales staff did not tell him ah! As we all know, water purifier filter is the most important core components, it determines the quality of the filter effect. Water purifiers use the longer, the more the filter blocking harmful substances, harmful substances accumulate more, water purification function weakens. Like a lot of friends this small series of consumer After installing a water purifier replacement filter for long periods, not knowing that not only would not achieve the role of clean water, but also may cause secondary pollution of tap water. So, join or purchase a water purifier manufacturers, must choose the regular brand! So, how often to replace a filter in the end is better? Below an example five filter combination: a filter: Now the market generally use water purifier P as cotton filter material for removing large foreign particles rust, silt, and other suspended solids. Coarse filter, is generally replaced every 3-6 months. Two filter: granular activated carbon filter (UDF) collector adsorption, filtration to intercept, in one catalysis, chemical contamination can effectively remove pesticides, pesticide residues, and other industrial organic solvent caused. Can effectively remove organic matter, chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effect of bleaching, to taste. General use for a period of 6-12 months. Three filters: a sintered activated carbon as filter material, deep water adsorbed the color, odor, chlorine, and minor impurities was filtered off. A third stage in a water purifier, a water purifier also serves to protect the main filter, life is generally 6-12 months. Four filters a main filter cartridge 1, membrane filter: recommendation 15--2-year replacement. 2, RO reverse osmosis membrane filter: 2-year replacement is recommended. Five filters: post carbon filter (T33) as a final step in the pure water, the water may be further adsorbed the color isoFlavor, increase the oxygen content in the purified water, mainly to improve the taste of water. Especially for use in the pure water storage tank pressure, the activated carbon is recommended silver activated carbon filter, it can be effectively adsorbed chanting off odor generated by the outer tank, but also bactericidal antimicrobial, safe drinking water. Recommended life of 12 months.

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