We have boiled water sterilization


   has bactericidal action of water it? The answer is yes. Specific to see the introduction of small series now.




Some people used chopsticks when eating out scalded with boiling water that water can play a bactericidal effect. ? Are water hot bowl of this behavior can kill bacteria, whether it is worthwhile to promote it


the role of high temperature


we have a consensus: bacteria and viruses can not survive at too high a temperature. This statement is accurate, such as 65 degrees Celsius can kill hepatitis A virus, rotavirus kills 60 degrees Celsius. Bacteria and viruses as a wide range of different capabilities of different bacteria resistant to high temperatures. US Wilderness Medical Society recommended sterilization conditions are above 70 degrees Celsius for more than 30 minutes or 85 degrees Celsius for several minutes. Baby bottles should pay more attention bacterial conditions, US manufacturers usually recommended cleaning method is the bottle in boiling water and cook 5-10 minutes, which should be the most rigorous way of a simple sterilization.


boiling water into a bowl, how many degrees?


If we take 100 degrees Celsius water into the bowl or bottle inside the room, the water temperature will certainly be less than 100 degrees. We can estimate the temperature will drop in the end how much.


the specific heat units substances that increase the energy required per unit temperature, we according to mass and specific heat of water and the vessel can be calculated water and containers thermal equilibrium, how much energy is transferred from the water to the container, so that apparent temperature how much decline. Suppose you have a 200 g ceramic bowl, we pour 100 g of boiling water rinse (one-fifth regular plastic water bottles of mineral water, and considered to be a reasonable hot bowls of water): ceramic specific heat about 1 J / (g Kelvin), specific heat of water is about 4 J / (g Kelvin), so the total heat capacity of water twice bowl. Simply put, at this time the water temperature change of 1 degree, 2 degree temperature change bowl. Assume bowl initial temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, thermal equilibrium with the water bowl bowl will be only 75 degrees Celsius. If 100 grams is a plastic container, according to the different plastic materials, the final temperature is typically between 70 to 90 degrees.


maintaining the temperature time


After the boiling water, hot bowl before typically already cooler for some time, so a small amount of the hot water container often reach equilibrium temperature of 70 degrees. Even reached 70 degrees, it is impossible in thisTemperature was maintained for 30 minutes. The effect of water cooling by many factors, such as exposure area, mass ratio of the water container and the container. After the bowl of water of 100 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes to be cooled to 50 degrees Celsius. So, if you want a bowl of hot, try to use freshly boiled water, and as far as possible in a bowl filled with hot water, this time to increase the total mass of the water, the water container thermal equilibrium temperature drop is small, the container may remain above 85 degrees Celsius 1 minute. There are some areas of southern red kung fu tea habit cup scalded with boiling water when cleaning the cup, because usually hot less than a minute, no sterilization effect. Also, mix a cup is a bad health habits.


Shuitang bowl also has certain advantages


Although it is not possible to open water hot bowl effective sterilization, but hot water is easier to remove the oil and cleaning agents, it is worth promoting. When we use utensils, cutlery cleanliness depends on the way of washing dishes and seriousness. If you do not use cleaning agents, oil is difficult to remove, especially in winter when washing with cold water; if using a cleaning agent without rinse, detergent will remain. Internal oil and oil surface and possibly harmful to human health bacteria. Easier to remove residual water and oil cleaning agent than cold water.


how to drink boiled water to be healthy


raw water contains a lot of bacteria, and various impurities, detrimental to human health. So when people are drinking water will be boiling, so that we can properly kill some of the bacteria in the water, or is detrimental ingredients. But for how much water the degree burn can drink this issue, many people do not know. Just as long as you can drink the water to a boil. Xiao Bian remind you: but this view is not entirely correct.


According to family drinking small Knowledge Introduction: After boil water can indeed eliminate some substances harmful to human health. But when the water boiled, we must continue to boil for three minutes in which the human body can be detrimental content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform decreased rapidly. This water is beneficial to human health. If the water contains other impurities may be eliminated by the use of home water purifier clean, to ensure safety of drinking water.




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