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   There is a strange phenomena in the sales ring: I have a good friendship with you, you should buy my goods; or, I am your buddies, you should sell my goods a little discount, this is True friend. In actual fact, even though you get the convenience of one oclock, a long time, will certainly lose-lose, not human food to eat for a long time, the business world, or better out afterwards, so that the water purifier salesperson can avoid more disputes.


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   First, to maintain an appropriate distance from the client

   even the best doctors have no way to treat a patient who asked not to actively cooperate with treatment, no matter how good the chef is also difficult to burn out of a make anorexia disease guest satisfaction dishes, any one of the needs of others involved in the work, if someone else holding the conflict, not waiting to see even rebellious mood with you, even if you no matter how much effort to no avail. Sales sales staff need to work together with our customers, we found that with the customers problem and possible solutions have a chance to reach a final deal, if customers do not want to tell you what the problem is, there is no urgent need to change immediately, so sales will become increasingly difficult to reach.

   When we put the customer relationship to become a friend of the challenges we face is that customers do not want to make a change, but also because it is the relationship of friends, so he will not look at you as a doctor but as friends of view, then hell tell you, "you must have the means, no surgery light medicine can cure me, I believe you," the hot potato so throw your hands. I know a sales manager, he was in the management of their reseller customers, always adhere to high standards and strict requirements, dealers over the years never eaten a meal, never smoked a cigarette dealers ( Although a bit exaggerated, but he really is Ive seen with the dealer deliberately kept a greater distance, one of the few sales staff), in his words, "I represent the company to do business with dealers, distributors to be able to make money, so I do not get too close to him, so I ask the dealer to do the work when they could confidently. "Because he kept a good sense of distance between the client with, in the daily management work hand a lot easier, he would straighten backs require dealers bossFully implement and complete the companys various sales tasks, his performance has been in the top three of the company before the column.

   Second, to customers and create enough respect

   If the heart has always taboo among friends, can not say many words can not say, then this is not a true friend, a true friend of inter is known without reserve, and how can you dare client that right? Chow Tai Fook jewelry store manager of a training once in my classroom to share a story, she met a lot of customers because two individual personal friendship is better, so all right, when two people made an appointment shopping together, eat together, as close as sisters, of course, as long as customers buy Chow Tai Fook jewelry came looking for her. However, once after get off work, the manager calls the customer want to ask her to dinner after work, casually asked one, "Where are you now?", Customers answer "Im certain the jewelry store." The manager was unhappy at the time, asked, "Why do you go to their store? Buy jewelry not come to me." Silence the phone over there, then this so-called friendship is also a stop.

   Chow Tai Fook jewelry store manager made a fatal mistake, that she put the customer as their friend, her customers come here to buy their own jewelry as a taken for granted, lost a salesperson for customers should be given enough respect. The customer is always right, but a friend is not. Along with the customer when we observe that the business rules, and get along with my friends when we observe the moral law. Friend wrong, we do not say it is not a true friend, but if the customer did wrong, we say that the opportunity is likely to lose business. Do not think it will always be a friend to take care of your business, take care of this word, let a professional sales shrink, the most important reason for your customers to buy here because he has a need, and you are able to provide that for him the perfect solution for people who pay attention: customers are buying a solution, not who you are, who you are just a giveaway (small joke). Only the customer as the customer, we will not treat customers with a way to treat a friend, we will be able to create enough respect to the customer, the customer will not buy products with us as it is right and proper things for granted, we will special attention to customers every opportunity to get along with, and Nathan with professionalism, without losing respect for the customer.

   Third, do not put yourself too seriously

   What is a friend in the true sense, if only to help on a couple of things you, or you are asking that person, we regard him as a friend? We can put this on a broad friends called acquaintances, and only those things that we encounter happy and willing to share his experience sad thing is willing to talk with his friends can be called a true friend. Our customers and the intersection confined to the deal the moment, very few customers would like to mention much more information with you, not to mention the many customers it is taboo to talk to you and your own personal problems, even many of the company inside information is not willing to reveal to you, you are usually revealed to information filtered. After all, you can not beat ass leave the deal, but he could not for the customer in the company to work, can not make other plans for the future career. Customers in selecting suppliers, usually find a few vendors will do compare with your lips say, "We just walk form", but his mental thinking, "might be able to find better", so do not think he is the only choice for customers, do not take yourself too seriously children.

   I served a lot of customers, some business will often give me a receipt. Each training course is over, I will be with my assistant Xinxinbaopeng say, wait, this customer again and we will be about class. Once the customer has asked to see a certain teacher asked me to come to class rather than the heart, there will inevitably be a little lost, then I want to know two things, a lot of peace of mind it, first, the customer is looking for curriculum, rather than a teacher. Second, even if the customer is looking for the same courses, but students also need a change of taste, style change different teachers. Instead of spending too much time complaining about why the customer does not choose us, customers really not friends, not as earnest good service current customers, providing customers with the most impeccable product solutions and the highest quality of service, so that current customers satisfied is the most important.

   Fourth, tell the customer what you have done

   nature of sales of exchange of interests, the customer is to pay the cost of obtaining the corresponding value in our hands, not only contains the customers cost the cost of money, time and effort invested also includes, of course, the value we offer our customers is also more than just the product itself, but also includes services, training, as well as our emotional investment. If you put the customerAs a friend to get along, then pay between friends is not asking for anything, such as a friend caught in economic crisis for dinner, you might entrust a stranger sent him a hundred dollars, but you will not tell him this money is you sent, because you are afraid it will hurt a friends self-esteem. However, commercial trade relations, there is little such a situation, especially for simple transactions, the more unlikely as between us and the customers are what they need, so be sure to let your efforts customers see, I tell the customer what you have to do is to allow customers to produce feelings of guilt, even if he is not you here to buy will help you introduce a client to compensate for your guilt.

   On one occasion, I accompanied a training institution sales staff visiting customers, before the visit, he confidently told me, "Li, lets just a formality, simply look at the interview, do not worry, the customers of our relationship is very hard, certainly no problem. "As a result, at the customers office, customers face to put salespeople verbally, originally came to visit me with him before, he had already visited many times this client, the client asked him to go to the market to visit the companys own stores, find dealers boss and the manager needs to do some research, but the salesperson did not do the work, so the client was questioned. On the way back, I asked him, "Are you in before this visit, you give the customer what had been done?" He said, "I think that this list is almost certain, because after all, we work for a few years, we get along like Like a friend, so it did not too seriously. I want other customers to hit the advance payment, and then began to research. "when you put the customer as a friend, you yourself will be reduced for the customer service standards, reduce some the necessary preparatory work, did not even do the preparatory work, the results can imagine.

   Do not put the customer as a friend, not to say that we need to do one-shot deal, do not keep in touch and interact with customers. But that we have to give customers enough respect and attention, pay attention to his words and deeds in the process of getting along with customers in every move, always reflect our professional and serious, after all, customers spent a lot of money is to come find experts to solve problems, rather than looking for an affinity rookie salesman for a chat, only professionals can make us go further in the sales of road.

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