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  To the office of the summer drink bottled water or drinking water? Time: 2017-06-08 16:47:59

summer, the weather gradually heat up, the amount of water has gradually increased. So growing office water, bottled water bucket connected to a barrel of consumption, the water peak, repeatedly calling, not bottled water to your door, only time guarding the drinking fountains and other water to drink. So in the end what kind of work you choose this way of drinking water?




+ drinking bottled water office drinking patterns: more than three non-product, quality is not up.


According to the survey, a considerable portion of the bottled water dispenser is no inspection, no-name three production license signs of non-product, such dispenser for wantonly reduce costs, the possibility of using industrial waste recycling in raw materials plastic, while the so-called heating tank will be made of metal and heavy metals exceeded the long-term use, it will be a serious threat to our health and safety.


bottled water quality is not up, expired bottled water into stagnant water, sterilization is not complete recycling buckets, barrels and other black heart problems, are easy to cause water into the disease, can cause serious poisoning may appear slight dizziness, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms. Bottled water pollution incidents frequently, recently CCTV Secret bottled water black workshop, homemade bottled water costs only $ 1.







Bailey direct drinking water office mode: Clean, fresh, healthy.


microfiltration: Smart sterile water dispenser 1 micron PP cotton quality, strong barrier rust, sediment, eggs; KDF high purity, the removal of residual chlorine in water, inhibiting microbes, preventing the accumulation of hard scale; bis activated carbon efficiency, a large adhesion area, adsorption chlorine, algae, heavy metals and some organic material; high purification membrane, 0.01 micron filtration, safe removal of bacteria, to retain the mineral, the quality of tap water into drinking water.


complete sterilization: To ensure the safety of drinking water, drinking fountains Bili only heated to 100 degrees, the open tap water only, to boil 100% guaranteed. Leading exposed to air, pipelines under warm and humid environment will breed bacteria, so drinking excessive microbial problems plagued the industry for many years, and purified water reaches boiling temperature sterilization of time within 4-5 minutes, you can completely kill bacteria.




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