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  In China everyones drinking water is basically water-based, is the great water to a boil! But in fact, very clear to see with the naked eye tap water which may contain numerous bacteria and viruses, and we do not familiar with the precious metal! that someone will ask, boil the water inside the bacteria and viruses do not, there is no! in fact, experts say, boil the water, does not mean it is safe to drink, because some of the bodies of insects which remained in the water after boiling inside! therefore, want to drink pure water and healthy you must install a water purifier! 鍑€姘村櫒鍓嶆櫙鎬庝箞鏍?鍔犵洘鍑€姘村櫒鍝濂?

   plus the current water pollution problem is a problem of peoples daily life can not be avoided so let the water purifier has been gaining popularity, water purifier market is growing! information show that in 2015, Chinas water purifier penetration rate of only 5%, compared to Europes water purification penetration rate is about 80%, the same as the Japanese water purifier Asian countries penetration rate of 40%, it is easy to see room for growth in Chinas water purifier market is still very large. Frost & Sullivan released a report, China water purifier market in order to increase the composite rate of about 23% per year rapid growth, which is forecast to 2017, the market capacity will reach 125 billion yuan.

   Now brand water purifier on the market there are more than 5,000, most of them small or no-name brand, the real water purifier brands are in the minority. This allows dealers and consumers that difficult choices, I do not know which brand to choose? Well, join the water purifier Which is better? In this regard, Xiao Bian think if you are a venture investor, someone around you do water purifier industry, then you can go to consult him, deep in the industry will know the depth of talent in this industry. If people around you do not have water purification industry, then you can also listen to Xiaobian for you to share!

   - M-quality water purifier will speak

   for water purifier manufacturers, enterprises would like to hire a successful business, product quality has always been the key to enterprise development. Zhu Jianhua, general manager of the group explained to the core "China water purifier industry value chain remodeling is changed from marketing to product quality, to shift to quality technology, so China water purifier industry really back to basics, back to the product.

   Hua Kang water purifier in recent years introduced a number of high-tech talent, increase R & D efforts, will "have - M, drink more healthy" as a corporate mission, from the "honest-oriented timeless quality "The soul, it is a noble quality, consumer confidence is to do the product, do a responsible, so that everyone respected companies. "

   to join the water purifier Which is better? Waldorf Kang water purifier has four advantages

   First, high brand recognition, big influence, more conducive to sales, in todays era, is a kind of brand awareness to purchase effects;

   Second, Waldorf Gargantua product quality, performance and stability, the failure rate is very low, investors do join - M water purification agents, aftermarket products is very easy, because the product did not out of any fault;

   the third is the low price , joining China Kang water purifiers, margin 0 0 0 yuan to join the management fee, the first to pick up a few million, and Hua Kang water purification products agent delivery low price, fully let agents franchisees, agents offer specific detailed consultation; 400- 0310-268

   the fourth is to join China Kang water purifier to support more than 12 major policies. in addition to support policies, the market there is a special market - M 1-on-1 combat support personnel and will sell support through training, mentoring, doing activities, practical ways to help sellers and other agents franchisee sales. how about

   water purifier prospects? Which is better to join the water purifier? with health consciousness, the market for net demand water heater will also be further released. the water purification industry to continue in growth, as the water purifier brand manufacturers must have towards the technical, centralization, specialization, brand development, uniform quality standards, in order to truly open market Hua Kang water purifier focused for 17 years, has also been moving in this direction

   [- M facing high national investment manager Tel: 400-0310-268].! Hua Kang water purification brand is one of the three clusters China water purifier water purifier manufacturers base in southern China. Learn Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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