Owen water purifier joined forces with Meikailong

   Owen water purifier (OWIN) Changzhou, Jiangsu Redstar Mall officially signed the contract, marking the import Owen water purifier water purifier brand will be stationed in Changzhou, Jiangsu Meikailong mall, people with high-end net Changzhou water services.

   Owen water purifier water treatment originated in Europe, the German brand, founded in 1941, the current products in more than 200 countries worldwide. As early as 1988, OWIN brand into the Asia-Pacific region, and to set up production bases in Singapore, open up the Asia-Pacific market. At present, the country has Owen water purifier water purifier to join hundreds of stores, more than thirty million users for domestic households to provide clean water services.

   Meikailong 5 consecutive years among the top 50 in the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, venture since 1986, has always been to build a warm, harmonious home, enhance the consumers home life taste mission. Up to now, it has opened 130 stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Changsha, Chongqing, Chengdu and other 90 cities.


   It is understood that the international Redstar Furniture Plaza is located in Changzhou Feilong Road 68, with a total area of 鈥嬧€?0,000 square meters, has a reputation as a first home city of Changzhou. Changzhou City International Home Shopping Mall as the core of the project, Redstar shoulder enrich and improve the supporting services area, the "Owen water purifier" smoothly settled, will become a new bright spot in Changzhou city home water purification industry, to fill Changzhou City without the high-end water purifiers leading brand of blank.

   Preliminary statistics show, Owen water purifier has been assigned to three-fifths of Redstar home Mall, predicted the end of 2014 to achieve hundred percent settled.

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