Rainstorm hit Hubei drinkg water projects, restoration wk co

  Rainstorm hit Hubei drinking water projects, restoration work continues the author: Tim net water purification Views: 650 Time: Continuous heavy rainfall since 2016-7-13 14:21:07 summer, let the rainy season has become a "rainy" , and more were affected. More serious disaster in Hubei Province, urban and rural water supply systems and facilities suffered varying degrees of damage. The provincial Housing Department and Water Resources Department news release, urban water supply systems and facilities Hubei Province is being gradually restored, damaged rural drinking water projects are also stepping up repair. According to the provincial Housing Department statistics, Hubei province 197 urban water supply plants, 49 were damaged to varying degrees, the wind group, Tongshan two waterworks water supply was interrupted, the repair tissue are recovered within 24 hours. Currently, the provinces urban water supply plant is operating normally, in some areas due to damage to the pipe network is temporarily unable to supply normal, relevant departments are organized for residents to repair or bottled water. According to the Provincial Management Office of Rural Drinking Water Safety Project statistics, as of 8 May, the provinces total of more than 290 villages and towns damaged water or drinking water projects, involving 360 towns, 2082 villages, 257.3 million people. Disasters have led to direct economic losses of more than 8500 yuan, of which, Huanggang City, Enshi losses. Tim net water purification equipment Xiao Bian learned that the continuous torrential rain affected and damaged mostly rural drinking water facility construction and pipeline network. Hubei Province has invested 40 million yuan to take emergency or repair of damaged facilities, about 240 million people in the water supply is restored.

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