The major electricity supplier platform has been Swd Fancy -

   Lynx "break day" just passed, 618 to another, and before the end of May, another wave of big promotion coming fast and furious, the epidemic seems almost retaliatory consumption means, but it truly retaliatory promotion.

   From the beginning of the weekend fifty-one urban complex has been very lively, restaurants are also waiting in a queue, theater and other entertainment KTV also orderly opening, congestion has become the norm, holiday fireworks on the citys high-speed gas indicates that the market is gradually returning to prosperity.

   more people are willing to get out and offline market is slowly coming back to life the past, online sales are rising again, the more people online to cultivate the habit of consumption during the epidemic, consumption accelerated online improved. Holiday online consumer alive, to further accelerate sales. National physical goods network retail sales grew 36.3%, some of the major electricity supplier more than 40% year on year. In this context, the major electricity suppliers have started 618 big promotion. Not only this year, 618 pre earlier than usual, promotions, more diverse, more promotional efforts.


multiple benefits to the bottom line price routines fan

   618 nodes born in this online promotional Jingdong, Jingdong in June each year is the anniversary month, every year June 18 is the date of Jingdong anniversary. Jingdong in the anniversary month will launch a series of large-scale promotional activities to "red June" for the publicity point, which June 18 is the biggest day of Jingdong promotional efforts. In June promotion, Jingdong naturally become a benchmark.


   May 25, "2020 Global 618 years Jingdong Shopping Festival" held in Beijing launch, the largest in the history of preferential shopping experience the best, most new product launches, brand strongest growth Jingdong 618 officially kicked off. Super ten billion subsidy hundreds of billions of preferential ten billion coupons and other benefits in the form of preferential users will create 618 spending spree unprecedented feast.

   subsidies, offers, coupons all point to the same vocabulary word "price." Jingdong at least 300 by 40, IOUs interest-free, exclusive explosive materials, 30 days price protection, in addition to this appliance manufacturers have launched a joint promotional tools to buy gifts, subsidies, and other pre-sale activities dazzling, comparable to a road Topic Mathematical Olympiad but also on the line.

   Suning competitive strategy simple and crude, "J-10%" savings plan, and made no secret of low-cost JingdongDispute. Suning also said it would again to refresh the line on prices for home appliances and other categories, more than ten billion Jingdong commodity subsidies Ref least 10% lower. At the same time, one million 1.5P air conditioning, one million 55-inch 4K TVs and other home appliances across the board by adding "millions" explosion models planned, straight down the price in the end, buy expensive to lose.


   This tip-to-head price competition, consumers can unlock the promotional routines, but where is the bottom line price of it?


customized products to avoid product head-on collision

   a ring set routine competition part of the fundamental or products, price transparency of the mobile Internet era, product differentiation has become the principle of the brand with a different electricity supplier cooperation, as well as the electricity supplier to grab brand resources one of the ways. Exclusive commodity resources become an indispensable weapon of competition.

   Jingdong said the five-star, 618 during the joint activities Gree, Midea, Haier, Siemens, Sony, Daikin, side too, the boss, Huawei, Apple, millet and other small appliances, 3C digital brand head, heavy expansion commodity pools and the release of consumer subsidies, covering market explosion models, new goods sharp, high-end merchandise and cost-effective models, it is the appliances discounted price dropping to 5 fold sales, online and offline hereinafter the same shall achieve the same price, to encourage consumers to shop "try it before buy."

   Suning Suning customized products C2M win an exclusive resource products. Cooperation in the annual list of Suning, the United States signed the air conditioning season visit "one hundred days ten billion Dengfeng plan", Skyworth single visit to finalize 3000000 National Taiwan University, visit the Samsung upgrade cooperation in many fields, TCL visit directed at the depth of cooperation in 2020, a total of Hisense Suning seek growth ...... 618 major appliance brands get together to send ammunition to Suning, "tens of billions club" to accelerate expansion.


peak drain current day will live cat who can be the enemy

   "fifty-four thousand three hundred twenty-one Start" Silvia countdown has just ended, the link line, product second light, which is broadcast charm. Dong Mingzhu a live sales of 310 million yuan; Overheating say live is to make friends, create live after the outbreak one after another sales peak, during the live broadcast 618 is essential.

   Jingdong retail scientific and technological cooperation with deft, Jingdong retail category of goods available to the advantages of deft shop, the two sides build a pool of high-quality goods, sold by the deft anchor of election materials. Users will be able to directly deft deft shopJingdong self-commodity purchase, and Jingdong can enjoy high-quality delivery, after-sales services. This cooperation will be held during the landing Jingdong 618 and 616 quality deft Shopping Festival this year.


   Jingdong chose to work with Live platform, and live "pro-dad," Lynx, play more ruthless.

   Lynx 618 assembled in a public star, Taobao broadcast on more than 300 star collective, will set off the largest launch in the history of star tide. During the day the cat 618, every day at least 10 stars came Taobao live broadcasting has become more diverse forms: do live variety, brand power, "diverted" with a cargo of anchor and so on, and even 28 stars in time before 618 Lynx also to open shop.


   traffic comes the star of the live broadcast, you can imagine bursting with popularity, traffic to no one enemy, the day the cat killer out, make war more 618 prairie.

   Under the impact of the new crown epidemic in the first quarter of this year appliance market suffered a serious setback, but as the epidemic subsided, household electrical appliance enterprises show a strong self-regulation and developments in marketing, product distribution, channel development, etc. toughness, competitive online platform is more anxious, and other new games are played live richer, the May Day holiday has become a strong recovery of the domestic appliance market show.

   As the year two large-scale promotional line node 618, is to focus on the promotion of a true sense of the online platform of the epidemic, the major electricity supplier platform already Sword, is limited consumer purchasing power or passion It can be ignited again? well see.

   (Source: Aiken home network, invasion deleted)

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