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   8 years ago, the face of 27 years of tradition has developed water purification industry, side too there is no "ism." First of all R & D team in looking for an answer: what kind of water is healthy water. After

   Mao Zhong Fang Tai Group chairman and president in reading 18 books on the water, decided to go looking for a way to explore the "filter out heavy metals in water, mineral water retention," the new technology.

   August 12, 2019, at the annual conference, party too has announced a brand new name --NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology to the world. Side too water purifier homeopathic released Also announced is a new disruptive electric kitchen - cooking Integration Center.

   "We want consumers to start, do what others can not or do not want to do things worthy products do early heart goodness!" Innovation side too great determination method and more. Industry analysts view, in the field of home appliances, side too, innovation has become an industry phenomenon.


   appliance industry "side too innovative" phenomenon

   We can say that side too comes with innovative gene.

   In the early 1990s, the first generation of large side too deep arc linear type range hood, for the first time introduced the industrial design model development. At that time, the widespread use of slim Chinese kitchen hood. Side too R & D team through market research, to seize the industry pain points. Production year, although the market price is higher than 20%, but production then sold 30,000 units; the following year launched an upgraded version of the single section models sold up to 40 million units, it laid the party too brand position.

   If the first several products just for the innovation of the domestic market, after which side too with self-developed motor system, Range hood from abroad were improved localization, launched the "Chinese core European appearance "grease pump. In the first two years, the market share of close to 100%.

   Since then, the side too by constantly upgrading the core technology innovation, based on the unique Chinese kitchen environment, innovation nearly suction hood, steam boxes and other quality products, leading the industry evolution and establish the industry benchmark for innovation.

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   "could not get a good product, you do not want to brand," this is the belief in the product development side too. For this reason, the side too has always "continuous innovation to create high-end brand is the most solid foundation" concept, from the top-level strategic planning, science and technology innovation asTo promote the core competitiveness of enterprise development, open kitchen, Science and Technology of the main channel.

   It is understood that side too has nearly 3,000 patents, including patents over 400, built the worlds most sophisticated electric kitchen laboratories, with more than 780 R & D team, and in Japan, Germany set up R & D center is recognized as high-tech enterprises kitchen electric field.

   side too innovative paradigm:

   With the "side too innovative" appliance industry has become hot words, the industry has also been widely studied from improvements to the original side too innovative paradigm.

   enterprise combing development, not difficult to find, in 23 years time, completed the party too innovative leap to gradually master the core technology to capture the core base material from improvements to subversion from.

   In 2015, party too innovative prototype basis mainly in imports of kitchen electric products, according to the characteristics of Chinese kitchen cooking, to improve the product innovation. Currently the range hood market, and European models are dominant side suction hood models are side too innovative product. The scientific and technological content of products are kitchen electric side too again and again innovation has been increasing.

   2015, sink dishwasher might be able to launch innovative side too, as a "milestone." It marks the side too has improved from innovation to subvert the true sense of innovation, and moving in the direction of the worlds first. As a landmark electric kitchen, sink dishwasher pioneered the sink, dishwasher, integrated fruit and vegetable cleaner, more original "open pump no pipeline structure" to avoid secondary pollution. Product launch, set off the entire dishwasher domestic market, the rapid completion of 2 years from the start of the new army zero dishwasher industry to industry leader in the first transformation, creating a global appliance industry youngest champion record industry category.

   and the release of water purification machines, using a self-developed side too NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology, not only can effectively filter out heavy metals, but also to retain beneficial minerals, water purification lead healthy new model . It is understood that water purification products in China has developed more than 30 years, but membrane technology is mostly dependent on imports. Publisher too NSP membrane chromatography double-effect water purification technology to meet consumer demand for high-quality healthy drinking water at the same time, breaking the high-end water purification materials mainly rely on imports. This also means that the party has been too innovative to expand to more hard-core science and technology - newThe field of materials.

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   Future: ZeShan perfection

   withdrawing the refresh Technology 48 db mute standard static efficient, do not run the smoke suction Butterfly ring technology, improve the respiratory happiness index fume purification technology, to create "open water pump, no pipeline structure" cross-border triple sink dishwasher, to the 2019 release of the culinary center and integrated water purification machines, 23 years, party too has always been driven by innovation , to open up their kitchen electric era Chinese people self-definition.

   In many industry view, currently, under the boost communication, internet, artificial intelligence and other basic technology, home appliances, kitchen electrical and peoples lives are constantly scene depth of integration. This trend after 5G, artificial intelligence technology outbreak, will be more significant. While the hard science and technology from the lower-level black technology, are breaking out subversive force.

   This is a "science and technology to redefine the future" of the era, but the road to the future of science and technology need guidelines good of humanity. "Innovative side too has a hard core will not be easily shaken, and that is to insist on the goodness." Zhong Mao Group believes that technological innovation, the only way to good for the United States, stubborn, to all worlds, to hundreds of millions family bring true happiness.


   2018, after becoming Chinas first ten billion kitchen electric company, Fangtai Xuan cloth a new corporate mission "for the happiness of millions of families." This is the second party in 2015 too that "to become a great company," New Vision, another major upgrade to the core concept, but also side too much industry attention in the new era of innovation strategy.

   Mao Zhong said the new round of upgrading manufacturing electric kitchen, Competition is the strength of technology, product innovation, speed, and capacity can come up with the hard core of the original product. Side too will "accelerate the pace of innovation, while increasing hard for technology products, original product innovation" as a policy response to the market competition, toward the goal of one hundred billion great company forward.

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