Xiao Bian Analysis- between water and healthy relationship y

  What are the relationship between water and human organs and human health? How much water to drink, drink what kind of water you will have different effects? Today small for you to resolve the relationship between water and health you have to know. 80% of global water-related diseases; 50% of child deaths due to problems caused by drinking water; unhealthy drinking water is becoming one of the worlds leading cause of the disease: According to the World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed. 灏忕紪瑙f瀽锛氭按涓庡仴搴蜂箣闂翠綘涓嶅緱涓嶇煡閬撶殑鍏崇郴

   According to a national survey of drinking water sources, of about 700 million people drinking water exceeding the E. coli, 164 million people drinking serious organic pollution of water, 77 million people have high fluoride drinking water, about 30 million people drinking the hardness of water, 1.6 million people drink high oxygen consumption of the water, and these data is rising every year. As many as 50 kinds of diseases caused by poor drinking water quality. He had pointed out when he was Minister of Water Resources Wang Shucheng accept the Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhuan Fang and Yu Nian 2005: the quality of drinking water each year due to problems caused harm to life, in fact, higher than the damage caused by the floods.

   "New York Times" article on the paper points out the causes of cancer, dehydration can disrupt the bodys normal physiological function in many aspects, so as to provide the conditions for the emergence and spread of cancer cells. Well water can promote metabolism, helps stabilize body temperature and sweating, the blood flow, arterial pollution prevention and effectively prevent and reduce obesity.

   1. The relationship between water and gastrointestinal


   2. The relationship between water and kidney


   3. The relationship between water and the liver

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